Streamline your SheetMetal design

3D SheetMetal design is browser-based solution connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE®, providing product developers, mechanical designers and engineers with specialized features necessary for building components, and enclosures.

Its user-centered design delivers a streamlined, customized experience for specialized sheet-metal processes, assemblies and enclosures, accelerating the transition from concept to market and the production of sheet-metal products. The sheet metal design technology empowers you to craft your sheet metal components and assemblies from any location and on any device.


Elevate your design potential with 3D SheetMetal Creator

Optimize your digital design space with tailored workflows, toolbars, and menus for sheet metal processes

Utilize Design Assistant for efficient placement suggestions and Smart Mate for identifying repetitive part mates.

Centralize your data for increased design flexibility and streamlined assembly structuring.

Who can Benefit from 3D SheetMetal Creator?

Streamline your 3D sheet metal creations with 3D SheetMetal Creator's all-in-one environment improving creation, storage, validation, and management of designs.

Tailored for designers and engineers handling products with sheet-metal components, this role is invaluable for CAD Designers, CAD Managers, Mechanical Engineers, and Design Engineers.

Standout Features of 3D SheetMetal Creator


  • Effortlessly create complex 3D sheet metal shapes and instantly generate accurate, flat 2D patterns.
  • Ensure accurate, updated 2D patterns for fabrication, aligned with folded geometry.
  • Seamlessly create flanges from sketch profiles, a functionality unique to 3D SheetMetal Creator

  • Common features are supported such as punch or forms, hems, bends, corner reliefs and more.
  • Create enclosures by using existing mechanical or electrical assemblies as reference geometry


Design Assistant with 3D SheetMetal Creator

No need to tackle design solo. The 3D SheetMetal Creator features an integrated artificial intelligence to enhance your design experience.

The Design Assistant incorporates a built-in AI, adapting to your design style and anticipating your next steps. With each design session, the Design Assistant learns from your preferences, offering recommendations to streamline your design workflows.

3D SheetMetal Creator is part of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

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