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Sogeti is among the top five market leaders in Engineering and Technology Consulting Services in the US and France, with over 20 years of expertise. They implement major technical and engineering innovation projects for the R&D departments of global industrial firms.  Their expertise includes Research & Development, requirements, design, development, testing, integration and operational maintenance of complex systems.

Thanks to their worldwide network, CoE’s and proven best practices, they can offer companies top quality solutions to support their business requirements and to anticipate technical evolutions. 

 Sogeti’s Partnership with Dassault Systemes is based on four areas: PLM solutions, simulation, composites, and automation & manufacturing in a virtualized environment.

Service Partnership

Systems Integrator (SI)

Value proposition

Sogeti provides consulting services, studies, development and training throughout the following solutions. 

1) PLM solutions: Based on strong ENOVIA expertise and an offshore delivery platform, this industry solution is designed to:

·         Help reduce overall TCO.

·         Lower maintenance costs.

·         Speed time-to-market.

·         Achieve acceptance and adoption of PLM systems.

·         Increase overall profitability, using PLM to increase revenue while decreasing costs.


At the core of Sogeti's Product Lifecycle Management solution, they have three main offerings:


·         PLM Strategy Services: They can help you define a roadmap that ensures your organization is aligned on a common PLM vision. Their brown paper methodology encourages harmony between business processes and applications, plus they help you define the business case.

·         PLM Implementation Services: They use accelerators like pre-configured industry templates and reusable assets for change control, product configurations, requirements management, simulation data management, search, integrations and migrations.

·         Managed Support for PLM:Their experts can help you leverage a “left shift” model that will help you reduce maintenance costs while improving the overall effectiveness of your PLM implementations.


2) Simulation: The simulation expertise of Sogeti offers companies a wide range of services from mechanical engineering to maintenance operations in manufacturing process. The speed and accuracy of calculations are optimized by using state-of-the-art simulation life cycle management tools:

a) Integration of specific business lines and sectors know-how through the creation of parametric components. These components, built with state-of-the-art knowledgeware tools that incorporate specific designing and meshing know-how. Based on CAD-meshing interaction capabilities, these components can be used for various studies: static or dynamic, linear and non-linear, thermal or shock. Such components enable the reduction of development cycles, while securing the phases of calculation.

 b) Integration of computing processes with systematic validation steps.

c) Implementation of an effective simulation lifecycle management (SLM to offer quick access to data and dissemination of this data between several fields.

d) Optimization: the previous steps open the way for robust analysis which is multi-disciplinary (aerodynamics, structural, acoustics, fatigue), multi-level (from global system to component), and multi-objective.

 3) Composites: This solution aims at providing industrial firms with best of class composite expertise leveraging on end-to-end V6 PLM Dassault  solutions and Sogeti resources and skills in support and consulting services. Today more and more companies manufacture some parts in composites,thus requiring the need for real support in methodology and composites skills. In regards to advanced composites technologies, analysis, manufacturing and assembly context must be taken into account. Research on methodology has to be performed in order to integrate context elements in a complex design. The goal of this analysis is in helping manufacturers to determine the best design workflow to optimize within a composites workbench to account for: design cycle time, change management and manufacturing constraints anticipation.

a) An expertise built on ten years of experience in the aeronautics sector, and transferable to many other fields (transports, energy for instance blades of wind turbines, etc.)

b) Support and consulting for “instance studies” to use composite instead of another material for some products.

c) Training on composite technology (calculation and design methods).

d) Expertise in digital simulation of composite structures (virtual testing, shape & size optimization, topological optimization to define new architectural principles for a product). 

4) Manufacturing in a virtualized environment: Built around a center of services dedicated to digital manufacturing and the specific skills of Sogeti in industrial engineering, this industry solution helps companies which would like to benefit from gains given by using simulation of manufacturing processes.   Any topic of the manufacturing world can be simulated: 

a) At the plant level, flow simulation enables to:  predict the output cadence, identify manufacturing bottle necks and many other KPI, determine the maximum capacity of the production facility, and design from new plants from scratch (thanks to the 3D capabilities of the tools). 

b) At the product level, everything can be modeled to see :  the assembly: the product following a GANT planning for instance,  the trajectories of the robots during the processes,  the ergonomic point of view.

 All these simulations are based on 3D models allowing production of videos or views to help explain specific details.


Value Service Partnership : Describes a complete range of solutions to foster innovation.  Sogeti designed five business-driven solutions to help you in your innovation process: Consulting, Testing, Delivery Process Improvement (DPI), Simulation, Shop Floor Information System (SFIS). These strategic solutions are continuously updated by a community of experts based on evolving experiences. They provide a pragmatic, flexible and innovative methodology to meet our clients' business requirements. These solutions offer a wide range of expertise and can be delivered on-site, via fixed price contracts, or off-site through one of our service centers. Sogeti is also one of the first engineering companies to strongly invest in offshore sites to offer you customized solutions. 


Benefits of the Sogeti / Dassault Systèmes alliance: Today companies have to be competitive in a difficult global market. No manufacturer can afford to compromise between execution efficiency and product innovation. PLM facilitates standardization of products and re-use within their manufacturing process and thus helps companies to control their costs and to increase their revenue. This strategic alliance between Dassault Systèmes and Sogeti High Tech is a way to design customer-tailored solutions based on Dassault Systèmes state-of-the-art tools.

Moreover unique engineering services combined  with the above Industry Solutions allow our customers to reap the benefits of this partnership in a very short time frame. Parametric design and simulation will optimize product costs  and schedules thanks to virtual testing, reuse of components and design tool embedded rules. Composite design rules and methodology will allow your design team to dramatically reduce the learning curve, hence reducing the investment and improving significantly the Return On Investment (ROI) of your composites. Through identification of your actual R&D functional needs, fast implementation and industrial rollout, PLM will enable your team to quickly reach industrial R&D productivity with Dassault Systèmes tools, hence reaping benefits from reduced design cycle and optimized costs. Manufacturing supply chain simulation and optimization will enable you to identify the optimal use of your manufacturing tools, hence optimizing dramatically the manufacturing investments which are a key to success. Complex manufacturing operations suffer from time consuming test and tuning just before going live, our automation simulation virtually tests real life scenarios before assembling and on site implementation. This service improves the going-live schedule control, reducing the ramp-up production lead time.


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