VX's New Process Control Management Tools Shorten Time-to-Market and Reduce Costs

VX® Version 6 Adds Tools from SMARTEAM® and Enhances VX WebLink for Web Publishing

VX Corporation, the pioneering developer of advanced, integrated CAD/CAM solutions for engineers and industrial designers, today announced the availability of new process control management capabilities in Version 6 of its VX CAD/CAM software. These new process control management capabilities increase control, interoperability and collaboration throughout the entire design-through-manufacturing process, cutting time-to-market and related process costs for users. Specifically, Version 6 is now fully integrated with SMARTEAM's product data management (PDM) solutions, and contains enhancements to VX's built-in Web publishing tool & VX WebLink, and free access to VX's viewing tool & VX Viewer.<br/>



Version 6's integration with SMARTEAM's, industry-standard, Product Lifecycle Collaboration solutions provides controlled and shared, real-time access to information and files that follow the life cycle of a product. Included are easy-to-use search, archive, check-in and check-out features that give users the ability to bring data in and out of VX and more easily manage shared data.<br/>



VX WebLink allows for more efficient and timely sharing of critical information by generating HTML pages that any standard web browser can view. Specifically, VX WebLink has been enhanced in Version 6 so that users can create Web pages within which entire assemblies can be viewed. Through modifiable templates and keywords in VX WebLink, users can also control the sharing of sensitive information. <br/>



More detailed views of models can be seen through VX Viewer, which is now available for free through the VX website


. Using VX WebLink or VX Viewer, users outside of the mainstream development environment, such as marketing personnel, suppliers and customers, can inspect and comment on developing products in a real-time environment, thus expediting the overall development process.<br/>



"Simplified management and increased control of the design-through-manufacturing process are critical for distributed teams of engineers and parts manufacturers today. The new features and tools in VX accomplish both, substantially shortening time-to-market and lowering costs for our customers", said Bob Fischer, vice president of sales and marketing at VX Corporation. "These new, expanded capabilities are another example of how VX sets the industry standard for powerful, yet affordable end-to-end solutions".

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