Toyota Motorsport Selects CATIA Solutions and ENOVIA Solutions to drive entry into Formula 1

Toyota Motorsport GmbH, IBM* and Dassault Systemes announced today that Toyota Motorsport (TMG) will use CATIA Solutions** and ENOVIA Solutions** for designing and managing the development of its Formula 1 cars.

Cologne (Germany) and Paris (France), March 15, 2000--Toyota Motorsport GmbH, IBM* and Dassault Systemes announced today that Toyota Motorsport (TMG) will use CATIA Solutions** and ENOVIA Solutions** for designing and managing the development of its Formula 1 cars. The agreement represents an initial 86 CATIA seats, 86 ENOVIAVPM** seats, ENOVIA Portal** licenses, and IBM services, training and installation. In December 1999, TMG secured the right to participate in Formula 1 racing, and will enter a team no later than 2002.

CATIA Solutions is the world’s leading computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) software, developed by Dassault Systemes. ENOVIAVPM and ENOVIA Portal are e-business solutions for engineering that help manage electronically all aspects of the product life cycle. Both CATIA and ENOVIAVPM are marketed, sold and supported worldwide by IBM’s Engineering Solutions business unit and IBM Business Partners.

TMG selected CATIA and ENOVIA for the contribution that these solutions will make to Toyota’s competitiveness. Said Andre de Cortanze, Technical Director of the Toyota Motorsport Formula 1 program, "CATIA and ENOVIA offer us extensive capabilities, and a high degree of flexibility in our processes. In the course of our development program, we create, test and modify various components through continual research. And, we must be able to gather data as quickly as possible. The responsiveness of CATIA and ENOVIA enable us to do this. They will be invaluable in the development of our chassis, engine and power train.

TMG will gain significant economies of time and manpower using CATIA, ENOVIAVPM and ENOVIA Portal. Because these solutions are fully integrated, data moves seamlessly among them. This simplifies such tasks as training and installation. It also helps reduce errors throughout the organization, because ENOVIA Portal enables TMG to share graphical product information in real time throughout the entire organization, giving easy access to non-design teams, such as purchasing. This will provide the environment for TMG to speed collaboration and innovation in the company.

In addition to using CATIA and ENOVIA products, Toyota will have the support of automotive industry specialists from IBM Engineering Solutions and Dassault Systemes. Using their vast industry experience, these professionals will help ensure that processes and industry-best practices are in place for designing such elements of the car as the transmission, suspension, chassis, and aerodynamic surfaces.

In 2000, TMG began constructing new facilities at its Cologne headquarters to house all Formula 1 development. The new areas—which will substantially increase the TMG site upon their completion—include such departments as research and development, design, and manufacturing, as well as a 50-percent wind tunnel and engineering test beds. Unlike most constructors, TMG will concentrate all efforts for its Formula 1 car at one site.

Commented Scott Hopkins, vice president digital enterprise sales, IBM Engineering Solutions, “We welcome with enthusiasm the newest Formula 1 competitor as an CATIA and ENOVIA user. We’re confident that we can help give Toyota a competitive edge on and off the track.

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