Spatial’s 3D ACIS® Modeler Used in New CADKEY WorkshopTM Version 20 Manufacturing Design Software

A Contemporary CAD Solution Focuses on the Needs of Manufacturers


Westminster, CO - May 22, 2002 - Spatial Corp., a market-leading provider of 3D development technologies, today recognized its partner, CADKEY Corporation, a leading developer of Windows®-based mechanical design and drafting software worldwide, for the release of its all-new CADKEY Workshop™ Version 20 Manufacturing Design Software for tooling, machinery and general mechanical design/drafting applications. This new product, completely re-architected and previously referred to as "CADKEY 20", is an enhanced version of CADKEY that contains new assembly and entity management functions specifically designed for manufacturing professionals.<br/>



Built on an all-new, state of-the-art architecture that includes Spatial's 3D ACIS Modeler (ACIS) for 3D functionality, the product allows users to create, import and edit three-dimensional models and drawings. Unlike constraint-driven feature-based CAD software, CADKEY Workshop is built with a Pure Geometry™ -based data structure that allows total editing control of imported data, better support for advanced surface modeling, and a much shorter learning curve for beginners. The product also offers unique tools for assembly and entity management and dimensional accuracy assurance. CADKEY Workshop provides a comprehensive design solution for manufacturing and design engineers to help get products to market faster. In keeping with CADKEY's hallmark interoperability with other CAD/CAM/CAE systems, industry-standard data translators (DWG, DXF™, ACIS®-SAT, Parasolid X_T, STEP™, IGES, STL, and VRML) are included.<br/>




"We are excited about the recent release of CADKEY Workshop and applaud CADKEY for their dedication to product development," said Linda Lokay, executive vice president sales and marketing, Spatial. "CADKEY's success is well deserved and we are pleased to have been a part of that success."




Robert W. Bean, P.E., President and CEO of CADKEY Corporation, stated, "Unlike general CAD products, CADKEY Workshop was developed specifically to address the needs of Manufacturing Companies - it's the perfect solution for anyone who needs to work with data from customers and suppliers to generate tooling, fixtures, molds, dies, machines, and more, because of its pure geometry core and its ability to work with and fully edit any type of CAD data. With the advancements of Spatial's ACIS kernel over the last year, we have no doubt we made the right decision in using it in CADKEY Workshop, particularly in respect to the state-of the-art solid modeling tools it provides. The quality, functionality and ability Spatial has developed into the kernel were the perfect component to plug into our new architecture."




Another key component in CADKEY Workshop is a unified graphics system based on the HOOPS® Application Framework from Tech Soft America, a product which is resold by Spatial. HOOPS provides optimized graphic processing critical to large assemblies as well as output of next-generation compressed graphics files in the recently published OpenHSF format for sharing data over the Web.<br/>