Safework Inc. a subsidiary of Genicom Consultants Inc. ("Safework") is pleased to announce that the Canadian Army has selected the advanced Safework human modeling system to be used as the validation tool for anthropometric data entry from its 1997 Land Force Anthropometric survey.

MONTREAL, April 14, 1997--Safework mannequins are well known for their accuracy in representing virtual human beings in various environments. The Safework system has 103 anthropometric variables (more than any other human model) and 148 degrees of freedom. Other key and unique features include: multi-variate and boundary mannequin approaches, fully articulated spine and hand models, direct and inverse kinematics, vision module, collision detection, animation, postural analysis and force exertion.

The national land force anthropometric survey is the first survey in which all measurements are performed using traditional measurement techniques (such as anthropometric compasses) and non-traditional techniques (Cyberware laser scanner and stereophotogrammetry). 140 dimensions will be measured by both types of techniques. 1000 subjects are expected to be statistically selected from across Canada.

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