Safework Inc. a subsidiary of Genicom Consultants Inc. ("Safework") has delivered the first phase of a sophisticated Virtual Reality ("VR") Module as part of its contract with the Canadian Space Agency announced in January 1997. This module was delivered on-time and within budget.

MONTREAL, April 7, 1998--The resulting solution will enable the Space Agency to represent astronauts accurately in a VR environment using the Canada Space Arm and working in the International Space Station. This integrated solution will provide for an advanced VR training environment for international astronaut training and will be used by Japanese, American, Russian and Canadian astronauts.

Safework's unique and powerful features, as well as its accuracy in human definition have made it the human model of choice in leading aerospace, automotive, military and industrial companies. The Safework system has over 103 anthropometric variables and 148 degrees of freedom. Other key features include fully articulated spine and hand models, direct and inverse kinematics, vision module, collision detection, animation and postural analysis. Safework also developed a new parser that enabled Performer to read SWX (Safework exchange) file format. This new parser not only enabled Safework to link with Coryphaeus Inc.'s Easy-SceneTM (VR simulation environment) which was a requirement of this project but will also enable all real-time simulation environments to read SWX files and interface with Safework.

Safework Inc. has numerous relationships with CAD and VR vendors including a strategic partnership with Dassault Systems announced in November 1996.

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