Innovation at the service of democracy: preparing for a recovery in the best possible health conditions

France’s Grand Est region partners with Dassault Systèmes to prepare for the return of elected government officials

The Grand Est region, which was hard-hit by the health crisis, has successfully bounced back and showed resilience in several areas. By leveraging the expertise of Dassault Systèmes, the world leader in 3D modeling and simulation, the region has gained a head start among local authorities and in strategic democratic spaces by taking an unprecedented approach in Europe.

On July 2, 2021, the first plenary session will open for newly elected officials and mark the election of a new Chair after the June regional polls. As of this date, the Chambers of Strasbourg, Metz and Châlons in Grand Est (France) will welcome the newly elected officials in person under optimal health conditions. The cutting-edge measures are designed to protect people’s health while ensuring that the debates that are essential to decision-making can continue to take place.

Stopping the spread and maintaining air quality

The Grand Est region identified the best health protocols following an airflow circulation modeling study. Dassault Systèmes recreated an exact virtual twin of the Chamber in Metz. In this context, the Group focused on understanding airflow circulation as well as analyzing the spread of potentially infected particles.

First, the 3D virtual representation successfully identified the main risks of infection between elected officials seated in the Chamber. Secondly, it also helped to ensure the introduction of suitable provisions: good ventilation in the Chambers; concentrated airflow in central room areas; proven performance of side partitions set up at the start of COVID-19; PVC panels added to the central row; controlled air flow and improved particle extraction through door closure and a raised central barrier; performance review of various mask types (FFP2 recommended); assessment of the positioning and distancing of elected officials and others in attendance; the wearing of masks at all times; and speakers remaining seated during speeches, etc.

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This system, which is based on proven scientific data and supported by Dassault Systèmes’ studies in hospitals and live event venues, will “breathe new life into democracy” and is needed to kick-start the return of face-to-face regional politics.

The initiative is the second collaboration between the Grand Est region and Dassault Systèmes. It follows initial work that developed PredictEST, a tool that reports and forecasts the spread of COVID-19 within the region.

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