Objective Enters Strategic Partnership with EXALEAD for Enterprise Search

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL), a leading provider of content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with EXALEAD for the provision of next generation full text and enterprise search technology.

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Exalead for the provision of next generation full text and enterprise search technology. Exalead, a division of Dassault Systèmes, is a global leader of information access solutions and search-based applications for the enterprise.

Mr Tony Walls, CEO, Objective Corporation said: "Our customers' document volumes continue to grow exponentially. By 2020, we anticipate our largest customers will have in excess of one billion documents in their Objective repositories and potentially more than 10 million documents re-indexed every day. To support this growth, we needed a search partner that could ensure performance and scalability into the future. Exalead's technical vision and shared philosophy for delivering beneficial customer outcomes made them our preferred partner."

Exalead is a leading search-based application platform provider to business and government. Today, Exalead is reshaping the digital content landscape with its platform, Exalead CloudView, which uses advanced semantic technologies to bring structure, meaning and accessibility to previously unused or under-used data in the new hybrid enterprise and web information cloud.

Mr Walls said: "As our portfolio of public sector solutions expand, search technology plays a vital role in many contexts. This includes leveraging the rich search indexes constructed by Exalead to reduce the cost and complexity of systems integration, helping to realise Objective's broader connected government vision."

Exalead's CloudView will be a core technology in the integrated enterprise / software-as-a-service platform that underpins Objective's portfolio of public sector solutions and will be included in the solutions from Q4 2010.

“For our customers, the benefits from this partnership are substantial. Increasingly, our customers are focused on leveraging the value of their growing document repositories," said Mr Walls. "The capability and flexibility of CloudView will be delivered to our customer’s in the form of new simple, fast and engaging user experiences."

Alain Cotte, CEO, Exalead, said: "This partnership with Objective is an important one for Exalead. Objective’s vision for bringing efficiency to the public sector is one we are proud to be associated with. Our two companies are synergistic, with a common belief that search is not just technology, it is a solution that can be used to deliver strategic outcomes for customers."

Mr Walls said: "This is a significant long term investment for Objective and one that we expect will deliver benefits for all of our stakeholders into the future."


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