New Deneb/QUEST Version 5.0 Incorporates Animated Labor for Increased Visualization

The new version of Deneb/QUEST 5.0 from Deneb Robotics, allows managers and engineers to better understand and visualize activities performed on the shop floor.

It uses a state-of-the-art animated labor system (ALS) to help team members better understand the daily routine of operators. The major advantage to using QUEST with ALS is that it enables users to save libraries of operator poses in a directory and place them anywhere along the factory line for improved labor analysis.

The automatic path generation functionality complements ALS and eliminates the need for engineers to re-create operator paths. As a layout evolves and machine locations change, operator’s paths are automatically modified by Deneb/QUEST. With ALS, operators are realistically walking to a location and assuming the operator position for that task. The result is a more realistic simulation that is quick and easy to change.

"With ALS and automatic path generation, the ‘virtual worker’ will automatically walk to a specified machine even after a change is made and the equipment is relocated within the simulation," states Rakesh Mahajan, CEO of Deneb Robotics. "QUEST 5.0 uses visualization to help engineers communicate solutions to different departments, management and other team members. Users are able to realistically model any manufacturing situation."

Within this flexible, object-based, discrete-event simulation package, true-to-scale 3D models can be imported from standard mechanical CAD packages. Schedules can be imported from any ERP, MES, database or spreadsheet application. Process and precedent data can also be imported from external files. Engineers are able to use these objects to speed up the model building process.The end result is a reliable, true-to-life, 4D, discrete event modeling solution for improved analysis of complex systems.

The ability to run alternative scenarios by simply changing the information in databases such as Microsoft Project (R), Access(TM) or Excel(TM), gives engineers a discrete event solution that is easy to use, very flexible and minimizes model building time. The recently enhanced interfaces to plant design and mechanical CAD systems make it even easier to demonstrate optimal production layouts.


Deneb/QUEST version 5.0 is the first-ever discrete event simulation environment with automatic walking scripts. Also unique is the seamless integration with an ergonomics package (Deneb/ERGO(R)) that makes it possible to create and use libraries of human poses for improved labor analysis. Deneb/QUEST’s simple interface creates a user-friendly way to have the ergonomic model grasp objects, walk, stoop and squat


Deneb/QUEST continues to grow as the premier discrete event simulation environment to help users explore production scenarios, product mixes and failure responses for machine and labor utilization, bottleneck and throughput evaluation. It also analyzes and justifies production costs, capital investments and monitors the value of work-in-process, inventory and ROI. The results are improved productivity and profitability of the users manufacturing systems. Users can now have greater confidence in their ability to gain acceptance of their proposals for new production facilities and re-engineering existing facilities.

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