Inceptra Unveils PLM 2.0 Discovery Offering – PowerUP

Fast and Cost Effective Discovery Offering Enables Companies to Experience the Revolution of PLM 2.0 – PLM Online For All - With Dassault Systèmes Next Generation V6 Solutions

WESTON, Fla. – October 1, 2010 – Inceptra (formerly RAND North America), a Dassault Systèmes (DS) Company and a leading provider of best-in-class Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology and services, today announced its new PLM offering: PowerUP, a cost effective discovery package built on the DS V6 platform and a proven rapid deployment and implementation methodology.  PowerUP is designed to allow companies to experience the paradigm shift that is PLM 2.0 or “PLM Online for All,” with Dassault Systèmes’ next generation V6 PLM solutions in context of their own environment, whether as a new deployment or an addition to a V5 environment.  With this unique Inceptra offering, companies can learn about the new V6 collaborative platform and discover how it can help them further enhance their product lifecycle processes to more efficiently enable the transformation of concepts and ideas into the right product innovations.

PLM 2.0 is to PLM what Web 2.0 is to the Web, harnessing collective intelligence from online communities.  Just as Web 2.0 broke with the old model of centralized Web sites and moved the power of the Web/Internet to the desktop, PLM 2.0 also uses the Web as a universal, standards-based integration platform with users building and sharing content in real time.  PLM 2.0 is a major redefinition of the PLM market, targeting all users creating, consuming and remixing Intellectual Property (IP).  Any user can imagine, develop, share and experience products in the universal language of 3D. With Inceptra PowerUP, users can now see firsthand how easy it is with V6 to define products, process and resources within an online virtual world where virtual products and systems behave as they would in the physical world, allowing all users to have immersive, lifelike experiences.

“The future of PLM technology is here.  PLM 2.0 is the new evolution of Product Lifecycle Management, and the DS V6 "online-for-all" platform is leading the way.  V6 will change the way companies design, collaborate and bring products to market.  V6 PLM reaches an expanded user community with new levels of simplicity and readiness and provides a 3D online environment for everybody to experience products virtually, with all user interactions generating IP,” said Dan J. Smith, vice president, Engineering & Business Development, Inceptra.  Smith added, “Capitalizing on Inceptra’s extensive implementation, process and technology expertise, we created PowerUP to offer companies a fully functional discovery environment to evaluate this game-changing technology and explore the new ways to collaborate with distributed product development teams and partners for breakthrough productivity, optimized business processes and new levels of innovation.”

Inceptra’s PowerUP offering includes:  ENOVIA V6 Server installation with a configured PowerUP database from Inceptra, as well as 3DLive and CATIA V6 client installation, training and support.  This discovery package can be implemented in five to 10 days, depending on the customer’s unique needs, as a new deployment or an addition to a V5 environment.  It gives companies a quick and low cost opportunity to experience V6’s next generation collaborative PLM advantages, including always online data management; high performance 3D design for physically distributed users; integrated, instant collaboration; and new, large assembly design and performance. 

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