ICEM CFD Engineering becomes a Partner of the Dassault Systemes’ Software Community Program


Paris (France), September 19, 2001 –Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today the signing of a development agreement: ICEM CFD Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANSS), joined Dassault Systemes’ “Software Community Program” as a Partner, to develop, market and sell applications based on the V5 architecture, integrated with and complementary to CATIA V5 solutions. <br/>



By leveraging the CAA V5 architecture, ICEM CFD’s new product, called “ICEM CFD Hexa CAA V5 Based” will provide CATIA V5 customers from automotive, aerospace, process plant and E&E industries a V5 integrated application to quickly build high-quality hexahedral meshes for CFD and FEA analysis. “ICEM CFD Hexa CAA V5 Based” uses a new approach in hexahedral grid generation where many of the interactive operations commonly performed by experts are automated.<br/>



CATIA V5 Analysis Solutions deliver a unique set of knowledge-based structural analysis tools for parts and assemblies with fast design-to-analysis iterations, in a very intuitive and user-friendly environment.<br/>



By combining CATIA V5 Analysis Solutions and “ICEM CFD Hexa CAA V5 Based”, designers and experts will be able to generate an advanced hexahedral mesh while maintaining the full associativity with the CATIA design and analysis model. As design modifications in CATIA are automatically reflected in the updated mesh, iterations between initial design and FEA or CFD analysis are accelerated. This will simplify and accelerate the customers’ processes. <br/>



“Once more, Dassault Systemes demonstrates the openness of the V5 architecture and its perfect support of associative analysis applications including the most advanced ones,” said Gérard Lecina, Director, CATIA CAE Division. “The integration with ‘ICEM CFD Hexa’ will provide CATIA V5 designers and experts with easy-to-use and associative hexahedral meshing for FEA & CFD analysis. This will strongly improve customer product quality and functional performances.” <br/>




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