IBM and Dassault Systemes Help ORECA Meet LeMans Challenge



Marne-la-Vallée (France) November 15, 2000 -  Oreca Groupe, a leader in automotive endurance racing, IBM and Dassault Systemes (NASDAQ:DASTY, Bourse de Paris) announced today that Oreca Motorsport will use CATIA Solutions for its new LeMans prototype cars. Oreca Motorsport engineers will apply CATIA to design, manufacture and manage modifications of all aspects of its LeMans prototype cars.  The company will test its first CATIA-designed prototype car in January 2001. In addition to the purchase of CATIA licenses, the agreement includes Dassault Systemes and IBM services and support related to implementing the world’s leading CAD/CAM/CAE software.<br/>



As the exclusive supplier of DaimlerChrysler Viper GTS-R cars, Oreca engineering management was already familiar with the many benefits of CATIA: its ease-of-use, flexibility, scalability, and cost-and time-reduction benefits. Such capabilities are also requirements in the intense competitiveness of LeMans racing, where every part of the car is pushed to its limit. By simulating part behavior in CATIA, Oreca engineers can optimize the design for maximum performance. Moreover, CATIA enables Oreca to make changes rapidly throughout the season to accommodate different race configurations. <br/>



“We launched our ‘LeMans Challenge’ program earlier this year to move quickly to a competitive position in LeMans 24 Hours Race car racing,” said Oreca president, Hugues de Chaunac. “In CATIA Solutions, we have the best tool available to help us create a winning car. In Dassault Systemes and IBM, we have the most experienced technical partners in the industry.” <br/>



“Today, an essential component of success in automotive racing, where the cycle times are by far the shortest the industry has ever met, is the ability to design, build and maintain every part of a car the most efficient way possible,” said Philippe Forestier, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Dassault Systemes. “And, because every part of a race car, as well as every member of a racing team, and every partner must perform at the highest level, we are happy to join Oreca Motorsport in its new challenge.”<br/>



Said Carlo Ranfagni, IBM PLM global sales leader, small and medium enterprise geography sales leader, Europe Middle East Africa, “CATIA’s extensive capabilities and IBM’s longstanding expertise in the automotive industry will help Oreca Motorsport meet its challenge of winning the most difficult race in the world: the 24 Hours of LeMans.”<br/>




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