IBM and Dassault Systemes Announce Version 5 Release 10 of their Product Lifecycle Management Portfolio

“Connected by Knowledge” - V5R10 PLM Portfolio establishes exceptional level of solution integration in PLM market. SMARTEAM release now synchronized with PLM Portfolio.

Paris, France - October 29, 2002 - IBM and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the release of Version 5 Release 10 (V5R10) of their PLM portfolio (product lifecycle management), comprised of CATIA for collaborative product development, and ENOVIA and SMARTEAM for collaborative life cycle management. Concurrently, Dassault Systemes announced V5R10 of DELMIA for lean manufacturing processes engineering.

“Connected by Knowledge” is the core concept of V5R10. It characterizes the unmatched level of integration achieved across the portfolio, as well as the resulting knowledge exchange and high-value business interaction it enables between customers.

V5R10 enables best practices deployment in product engineering, manufacturing, collaboration, and lifecycle management, providing value to customers in these areas:

· As the largest and most integrated set of PLM solutions available on the market, the V5R10 3D PLM Portfolio gives businesses the choice of how to custom-build their PLM roadmap.

· Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) using CATIA with SMARTEAM can now deploy PLM best practices that require an integrated combination of product development and lifecycle management technologies.

· V5R10 pushes PLM integration past traditional interoperability to include high-value Knowledge. Beyond simply sharing results (“that’s what I did”), customers can now share understanding, intent, know how, and configured product structures across all PLM solutions (“that’s what I did and here’s how and why I did it”). This creates new levels of collaboration efficiency.

· The reuse best practice introduced in V5R9 as Morphing is now expanded from product and production resources to manufacturing processes. Combined with paperless shop floor capabilities, this enhancement makes product and process development more concurrent than ever.

· V5R10 offers seamless integration with additional software partner applications to further grow solution coverage as well as create highly specialized PLM solutions for specific industries.

V5R10 significantly enhances interoperability with other-vendor CAD and PDM applications, as well as other business systems (CRM, ERP, SCM…), to facilitate operations in heterogeneous system environments, leverage legacy systems, and respect IT preferences of existing and future PLM customers.

“To compete fully in today’s marketplace, businesses need fully integrated PLM solutions. That is why V5R10 is a major release - because it delivers an unparalleled degree of integration among our 3D PLM brands,” said Bernard Charles, president and CEO of Dassault Systemes. “Knowledge has become the glue that connects our products. Whether with user-oriented knowledge - what we enable customers to do, or system-oriented knowledge - how we enable them to do it, V5R10 provides an integrated package that is unrivaled in the PLM market.”

"Our integrated PLM solution from IBM and Dassault Systemes enables us to simulate every aspect of the end-to-end development process for complete automobile production, including design, support and manufacture before actual car production begins," said Bernhard Zechmann, Director of CAD/CAM/CAE Application Strategy, Bertrandt AG, one of the world's leading engineering solutions providers for the automotive industry. "CATIA V5 packs numerous design tools into one powerful application that can handle the whole product development process. Coupled with ENOVIA V5 for process optimization and reliable change management, we are able to improve designs and processes early in the development stage and share this knowledge with our automotive manufacturing customers in a common work environment, thus significantly optimizing work flow while achieving unequaled levels of quality."

“In addition to offering the broadest PLM solution ever, V5R10 also levels the PLM playing field,” said Ed Petrozelli, general manager, IBM Product Lifecycle Management. “With the release of SMARTEAM now in step with the other products and the delivery of entry PLM solutions, V5R10 addresses the needs and budgets of small to medium sized businesses. The results can be significant. For example, a medium-sized Hong Kong appliance manufacturer has cut its product development time in half since implementing CATIA V5 in 2000.”

V5R10 Solution Highlights<br/>

(see for detailed V5R10 information on each solution)

· CATIA for collaborative product development - offers products ranging from Entry PLM (for SMBs) to Vertical Applications (major manufacturers) for best practices deployment and business process optimization.

· DELMIA for lean manufacturing processes engineering - provides enhanced end-to-end process coverage for the automotive and aerospace industries and greater integration of DELMIA applications with ENOVIA.

· ENOVIA for collaborative life cycle management - delivers performance and scalability improvements, enhanced LCA (Life Cycle Applications) process and program planning, new web component architecture in the Portal 3d com product, and better supply chain support for the ENOVIAVPM product through the new CATIA Work Package Exchange.

· SMARTEAM for collaborative life cycle management - features simplified packaging, pricing and licensing, significantly enhanced SMARTEAM-CATIA interoperability, and new ENOVIA DMU interoperability.

PLM Solutions from IBM and Dassault Systemes enable customers to optimize their business Processes for Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Support, using Collaborative Workspaces to share a common product, process and resource model (PPR). With PPR, companies can capture, share and reuse Knowledge across the product life cycle. The open CAA V5 (Component Application Architecture) allows extension and integration of this solution within multi-enterprise environments.

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