IBM and Dassault Systemes Announce ENOVIA Version 5 Release 9

Latest Release of PLM Decision Support and Life Cycle Management Solutions Enables Unparalleled Innovation and Efficiency with Breakthrough Product Morphing

Paris, France – June 11, 2002 - IBM and Dassault Systemes (NASDAQ: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the availability of ENOVIA Version 5 Release 9 (V5R9). Building on the industry’s most comprehensive solution for end-to-end 3D product life cycle management (3D PLM), this latest release paves the way for innovative virtual product development management (VPDM) through unique CATIA and strong multi-CAX integration. As part of the global 3D PLM offering, ENOVIA V5R9 represents a major milestone in the PLM space by delivering the set of business practices for breakthrough product morphing. Available worldwide on July 26, 2002, ENOVIA V5R9 delivers a total of 89 products for unparalleled product development.


“Product morphing” is a set of state-of-the-art business practices enabled by ENOVIA V5’s unique knowledgeware, relational design, process integration and PPR infrastructure, which automatically combine existing design definitions and/or templates, with new specifications to drive the regeneration of fully-engineered derivative product definitions.  By maximizing reuse of existing knowledge and experience, morphing gives customers the ability to reduce cycle times and increase their market responsiveness.


“ENOVIA V5R9 delivers breakthrough product development and decision support capabilities that have been extensively validated with leading customers, and extend our position as an innovation provide,” said Joel Lemke, Chief Executive Officer, ENOVIA Corp. “These new capabilities further take advantage of the knowledge that is created in the development of complex products for reuse in new designs, while still in the virtual world, to significantly enhance the quality, validity, and timeliness of bringing these new products to market. The result for our customers is the delivery of products that are “right to market” in substantially reduced elapsed time.”


ENOVIA V5R9 Major Highlights


  • Enriched support of VPDM processes, including relational design, design-in-context, and clash management
  • Support for new and enhanced “out-of-the-box” best practices, including process flow control and optimization, and product simulation using kinematics and analysis data
  • Improved functions for accessing and sharing VPDM information across the supply chain
  • Complete product variation management through sophisticated configuration control capability
  • New process, product, resource (PPR) multiCAD hubbing facilities for enhanced interoperability.


Value for the Customer

ENOVIA provides decision support and lifecycle management solutions within the 3D PLM portfolio.  3D PLM enables companies to optimize their business Processes for engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and support, using web-based Collaborative Workspaces to share a common product, process and resource model (PPR). With PPR, companies can capture, share and reuse Knowledge throughout the product life cycle. The open CAA (Component Application Architecture) V5 allows extension of this solution to - and integration within - multiple enterprise environments.



From a process-centric perspective, ENOVIA V5R9 focuses on providing enhanced relational design capability for accurate change and project analysis. This is achieved through consolidated process support for VPDM requirements, including reproducible product packaging and analysis, easier assembly management, assembly drawing management, and full analysis of design impacts.

ENOVIA V5R9 eases V5 deployment by extending CATIA V4-V5 transition support with the integration of design-in-context capabilities for CATIA V4-V5 environments. It also introduces new and enhanced “out-of-the-box” best practices for rapid decision-making and deployment in the areas of business process flow control, document management, clash reconstruction management, product simulation, and ergonomics and packaging.

The new Graphical Workflow Designer, for instance, provides managers with greater flexibility in defining improved enterprise business process templates. This product complies with workflow management coalition (WfMC) standards and is fully integrated with life cycle program management.


3D Collaborative Workspace

ENOVIA V5R9 leverages collaboration for the easier review and exchange of 3D information across co-engineering and partner communities in the enterprise. New capabilities for reviewing 2D documents, generating technical documentation, and working with ENOVIA consulting information off-line using “briefcases” considerably contribute to collaborative product development and manufacturing across the supply chain.

In ENOVIA V5R9, the use of 3D images for the sharing and understanding of product information is facilitated by the new Photo Studio Optimizer 2, which produces high-quality virtual product images for professional photography or filmmaking, and enhancements in environmental rendering and real-time shadowing.



ENOVIA V5R9 facilitates morphing through the modeling, centralization, and integration of PPR information across all 3D PLM brands and other CAD systems. The use of reference assembly configuration and relational design is increased with reusable structure templates and sub-assembly effectivities. In V5R9, the PPR allows for access to ENOVIA product configurations from within a DELMIA session. Finally, high-powered DMU management and design is enabled through extended multi-CAD capabilities in the ENOVIA Life Cycle Applications.



ENOVIA V5R9 creates a “learning enterprise” by providing full access to product and process information, experience, and enterprise methodologies, including enhanced capture and visualization of CATIA V5 knowledge. Enterprise cultures are further enriched through customisable ENOVIA Web-based Learning Solutions, which include best practices and related knowledge for developing enterprise-specific process learning.




ENOVIA V5R9 boasts superior flexibility in V5-based application development and customization by broadening middleware and platform use. Major enhancements include the new Java Dashboard product for creating WebSphere-compatible applications, capabilities for managing distributed data between “co-enterprises”, improved coverage of VPDM functions on Windows NT platforms, and the modification of Web-based enterprise learning solutions with the Companion Development Studio.

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