IBM and Dassault Systemes Announce ENOVIA Version 5 Release 8

Targeted for full enterprise deployment


Paris, France – February 12, 2002 - IBM and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the availability of ENOVIA Version 5 Release 8 (V5R8). Building on the industry’s most complete solution for end-to-end 3D PLM, Release 8 of ENOVIA Solutions delivers enhanced integration with CATIA, richer product lifecycle management (PLM) process support, extended supply chain collaboration solutions, and new open 3D PLM middleware. This announcement includes ENOVIA Portal Solutions and Life Cycle Applications (LCA) V5R8 and ENOVIAVPM Version 1 Release 5 enhancements. <br/>



ENOVIA provides decision support and lifecycle management solutions within the 3D PLM portfolio.  3D PLM enables customers to optimize their business processes within Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Support, and in collaborative workspaces by sharing a common product, process, and resource model (PPR).  PPR allows companies to capture, share and reuse knowledge throughout the entire product lifecycle. The CAA V5 open architecture allows extension and integration of this solution within multiple enterprise environments.<br/>




"As the PLM industry develops and matures, the ENOVIA suite of products is positioned to grow and evolve with it," said Bruce Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Daratech. "Collaboration and interoperability are key in the PLM space, and this latest release is packed with features that help ENOVIA solutions connect every element of a manufacturer's extended infrastructure." <br/>









ENOVIAVPM extends its lead as the de-facto standard in configured digital mock-up environments. A major refresh of ENOVIAVPM Release 5 provides proven reliability, platform choice, scalability and rich support for industry-proven best practices for collaborative product development. <br/>

For customers transitioning across CATIA versions, ENOVIAVPM continues to enhance its support for CATIA V5 and delivers focused capabilities for product development processes requiring seamless use of both CATIA V4 and CATIA V5.  <br/>

Archibald Dreyer, Head of Engineering Systems, Information Management, ASTRIUM Space Infrastructure Division, said, “The features available on ENOVIAVPM, such as Digital Mock-Up, allow our design team to share an incredible amount of information about our space projects with our partners around the world.  Since we are dealing with brand new concepts that must integrate so much scientific data, design modifications occur quite often.  ENOVIAVPM facilitates design changes by updating them immediately and automatically ensuring that all our extended product development and production teams use the same correct data.  Tracking design changes is critical for complex projects, such as the international space station, and this is key to our success as an innovator in space technology.  Plus, we are able to reduce design and development costs.”  


ENOVIA’s Life Cycle Applications (LCA) support new and enhanced Industry Best Practices. A new Catalog solution, together with CATIA catalog interoperability, enables in-depth V5 component management. New inter-related Engineering Change Orders, and Change Order simulation, support advanced change management practices and decision support. <br/>

New workflow management capability allows consistent deployment of customized Best Practices. As well, ENOVIA LCA supports best practices in the shipbuilding industry and includes a new “structure penetration management” product that accelerates processes for routing of piping and electrical systems through bulkheads and other structural parts.


3D Collaborative Workspace


ENOVIA Portal creates a 3D collaborative workspace for players across an enterprise and all tiers of its supply chains across the Web. Connecting people in a 3D workspace provides a unique and powerful level of communication with immediate understanding of 3D information. <br/>

ENOVIA Portal 3D Com boasts instant access and sharing and publishing, of 2D and multi-CAD 3D information making it a robust enterprise portal.  It provides managed access to decision support aids such as ENOVIAVPM, ENOVIA LCA and SMARTEAM, as well as knowledge developed throughout a product’s lifecycle. Further enhancements including support of Japanese and simplified Chinese languages and access to SMARTEAM, provide a complete Web-centric platform to product definition, whether managed by ENOVIA, SMARTEAM, or other mission-critical enterprise systems. <br/>

Tight integration of ENOVIA LCA and SMARTEAM optimizes inter-enterprise cooperation. OEMs and suppliers can now collaborate and develop innovative products faster; through secure exchange of intellectual property in iXF industry-standard based “Smart briefcases”. (For more information on iXF standards, consult <br/>



New Product, Process and Configuration Modeling services provide unique configuration management to satisfy both requirements of Digital Mockup and Production within a unified environment, providing full control of product variability for configuration with any complexity of variants and packages. New CATIA objects have been exposed within the PPR model such as hyperlinks, catalog objects, and drafting objects providing greater knowledge exploitation <br/>

This release also offers PPR-based interoperability between ENOVIAPM and ENOVIA LCA, for joint use of both products across a coordinated change management process. <br/>

Lou Pascarella, Executive Vice President R&D, ENOVIA Corp., said “The PPR model is the core enabler of the Digital Enterprise, as it enables both federation of enterprise data and processes, as well as aggregation of data and processes into knowledge that may be leveraged for innovation”.<br/>

Knowledge <br/>

Within ENOVIA Portal Solutions, ENOVIA DMU (Digital Mock Up) further strengthens its position as market leader in multi-CAD product synthesis and simulation with over 100 functional enhancements including new, knowledge-based, interference detection and best-in-class real-time rendering for ‘right first time’ engineering.<br/>



New support for IBM WebSphere completes ENOVIA 3D PLM Middleware that already embeds other industry-standard components from IBM and other IT manufacturers. Enhancements to ENOVIA Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE) allow for easier application and process customization. ENOVIAVPM & ENOVIA LCA also continue to benefit from improvements in performance and scalability. <br/>

Joel Lemke, chief executive officer, ENOVIA Corp., said, “Today’s announcement strongly demonstrates our commitment to continuously provide customers with leading edge, off the shelf, process-based solutions. It is also another step of our vision to cover the entire digital enterprise process landscape, binding all enterprise domains into a 3D PLM Collaborative Environment. With enhanced support for the Enterprise Value Chain, ENOVIA V5R8 enables the achievement of greater levels of innovation and optimization”


Ed Petrozelli, general manager, IBM Product Lifecycle Management said, “Dassault Systemes’ adoption of the IBM Websphere middleware architecture is a strong move toward helping our mutual customers construct a more complete solution, thus reaching all facets of their business processes with product content and knowledge derived from CATIA and ENOVIA.”

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