IBM and Dassault Systemes announce ENOVIA Five Foundations and ENOVIA Portfolio for innovation leadership

ENOVIA Portfolio includes solutions for managing enterprise data and enabling collaboration through all stages of the product creation process.

Suresnes, (France) and Charlotte, (North Carolina, USA), September 28th, 1999--Dassault Systemes (NASDAQ: DASTY) and IBM today announce the ENOVIA five foundations : PORTAL, LIFE CYCLE APPLICATIONS, PPR HUB, ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE and RADEnvironment and the general availability of ENOVIA Portfolio to support the digital enterprise.

  • ENOVIA PORTAL provides everyone with access to any product data and applications, including legacy, PDM and ERP in order to view product data, analyze it and allow engineers to interact. ENOVIA Portal provides powerful multi-CAD visualization and includes the following products :


  • Using Java technologies, CATweb provides dynamic remote access, viewing, manipulation and annotations for local or web-accessible product data. Digital mock-up review can be done using built-in 2D and 3D remote viewers. Analysis functions are available using CATweb Space product, while CATweb Publish enables publication of product data.

ENOVIA DMU Navigator

  • ENOVIA DMU (digital mock-up) Navigator adds analysis features to enable anyone involved in engineering and process decisions to perform collaborative and immersive visualization, analysis, navigation, review and simulation of all size of digital mock-ups. Designed for multi-CAD and multi-PDM environments, ENOVIA DMU Navigator Solutions enable full integration of digital mock-up processes within the global engineering environment, providing access to CATIA Version 4 and Version 5 models, Deneb parts, devices and work-cells, Pro/EngineerRM parts and assemblies, IDEAS Master seriesTM parts and UnigraphicsRM parts.
  • ENOVIA LIFE CYCLE APPLICATIONS support product creation and digital simulation of the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service. These solutions provide competitive advantage through the support of concurrent engineering, multiple design options, early manufacturing involvement and collaboration with the extended enterprise. ENOVIA LIFE CYCLE APPLICATIONS include the following products :


  • ENOVIAVPM, the premier digital mock-up solution, now adds support for innovative development processes such as early manufacturing involvement, virtual clash management, associative design and other best practices. The powerful configuration definition functions are enhanced to address the specific requirements of the automotive, aerospace and other industries processes for customized products. ENOVIAVPM provides specific support for CATIA CDM users.


  • ENOVIAPM is an enterprise PDM (Product Data Management) solution for managing product definition across the whole life cycle in a multi-site, distributed product development management environment. ENOVIApm adds powerful new rules-based configuration capabilities, as-built product support and new multi-site enterprise control functions.
  • ENOVIA PPR HUB provides a unified model of the product, manufacturing processes and resources (PPR) of the enterprise, federating all data across the product life cycle ; ENOVIAVPM provides PPR capabilities such as configuration modeler, technological links, and action flow.
  • ENOVIA ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE supports large scale deployment of enterprise system along the product life cycle. Substantial improvement in performance has been delivered in ENOVIA Portfolio.
  • ENOVIA RADEnvironment (Rapid Application Development) enables generative development of customized applications, taking full advantage of the open and extended architecture and APIs.

The ENOVIA Portfolio uniquely addresses all stages of the product life cycle, combining proven and new technologies through interoperability features to allow customers to satisfy additional user requirements while leveraging and augmenting existing solution strengths.

In addition, IBM’s consulting and implementation services offer specific help for manufacturers to deploy the ENOVIA Portfolio solutions to transform their product development processes, implement best practice procedures and to operate an engineering e-business environment.

"By combining the strengths of IBM e-business expertise and our hardware and consulting services with the ENOVIA Portfolio, manufacturers can become digital enterprises." said Pat Toole, IBM general manager, product design management. "Our customers can exploit the power of the Internet and information technology to fundamentally transform their key business strategies and processes. Manufacturers can become more efficient and more profitable in designing, building and marketing the most innovative and highest quality products."

Joel Lemke, Chief Executive Officer of ENOVIA Corp., commented, "With this announcement of ENOVIA Portfolio, as key contributor to the ENOVIA Foundations, we have substantially expanded and enriched our business process support capabilities across the whole product lifecycle spectrum and positioned ourselves to help customers move to the digital enterprise vision."

The ENOVIA Portfolio represents a major step toward helping manufacturers take advantage of e-business opportunities.

Tano Maenza, Engineering CIO, Newport News Shipbuilding said "It is our vision to use ENOVIA as a full life cycle management tool. The tight integration of ENOVIA, CATIA and SAP R/3 will help us conceive, design, manufacture and even service and support our entire product line, including 90,000 ton aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines."

Jim O'Neill, chief engineer, Boeing JSF Structures and Systems declared "ENOVIA solutions allow design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance engineers to work within a digital mock-up environment. They ensure a standard approach to specifications, engineering rules, operational parameters and simulation results, all of which will support affordable Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) development. In addition to design and manufacturing benefits, ENOVIA will provide the electronic database needed to develop advanced JSF support concepts that promise to reduce JSF life cycle costs."

"ENOVIA will enable the facilities in South Bend and Drancy to share conceptual designs in ways not previously possible," says Dr. Sigmar Micke, vice president of engineering and the leader of the Bosch Foundation Brake development organization. "Our goals are to extend our collaborative efforts throughout all levels of product development while giving our designers the ability to be more creative. We want to shorten the entire product development cycle and increase productivity across the enterprise to meet our customers' needs."

"Management of the full product definition lifecycle and the intellectual assets created through this process are critical for any industrial company to be successful. The ENOVIA Portfolio is comprised a suite of products, all focused on various aspects of the lifecycle. In combination with IBM’s consulting and services organization, this is a substantial offering and well positions IBM and ENOVIA to successfully implement an advanced product definition vision for their clients". said Ed Miller, President of CIMdata, a leading consulting firm focused on management of the product definition lifecycle."

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