IBM and Dassault Systemes Announce CATIA Version 5 Release 10

CATIA V5R10 expands scope of PLM to include small and medium sized businesses and extends business process optimization

Paris, France - October 29, 2002 - IBM and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the release of CATIA Version 5 Release 10 (V5R10), their leading product lifecycle management solution for collaborative product development. As part of their global V5R10 PLM release (including ENOVIA and SMARTEAM) and Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA solution, CATIA V5R10 enables best practices deployment for collaborative product development.

CATIA V5R10 contributes to the V5R10 “Connected by Knowledge” core concept through the pervasiveness of knowledge in CATIA V5R10 products as well as the new BKT product (Business Process Knowledge Template) that enables customers to capture and deploy their best practices through custom-built applications. CATIA V5R10 highlights also include entry PLM products for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), extended end-to-end processes coverage for OEMs, and a CATIA-ENOVIA Work Package Exchange for supply chain collaboration.

“CATIA V5R10 is an extremely significant release because it expands the scope of PLM to cover businesses of all sizes,” said Dominique Florack, executive vice president of research and development at Dassault Systemes. “With CATIA’s V5R10 Entry PLM products, SMBs can gain the same competitive advantages of shorter development cycles and lower costs that industry-leading manufacturers already enjoy. In addition, the increased integration of CATIA V5R10 with Dassault Systemes’ other 3D PLM solutions enables new levels of collaboration across the extended enterprise.“

CATIA V5R10 - Value to the Customer

The CATIA V5R10 products and enhancements listed below are grouped according to the five Fundamentals of 3D PLM. The fundamentals are the core elements of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business model that bring value to a customer.

Process-Centric: basing customer solutions on industry-specific processes

  • Improved Entry PLM process coverage with six new Platform 1 (P1) entry-level products, improved SMARTEAM Integration, and optimized solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).
    • Large assembly management, Drafting, Welding, and Electrical dedicated solutions have been strengthened for Industrial Machinery and Industrial Components. Shape Design solutions have been enhanced to improve Plastic Parts processes and to provide dedicated configurations for Consumer Goods industries.
    • The new "Electrical Harness Installation" and "Generative Shape Design" P1 products extend Entry CAD/CAM/CAE solutions.
    • The new "Part Design Feature Recognition" product facilitates entry PLM users to retrieve data in multiple formats and modify it in an integrated environment.
    • Large assembly management capacity and performance has been enhanced with an update of Assembly Design in visualization mode; new drafting generation on tessellated representations (.CGR files), use of occlusion-culling technology (only relevant data loaded and updated); and extended interactive drafting performance on large drawings.
    • The new "CATIA - Styled Mechanical Design 1” configuration is a product creation package specifically created for the Consumer Goods domain. The solution includes comprehensive Part and Assembly design products, as well as advanced surface creation and healing tools, and associative drawing extraction capabilities.
  • Enhanced domain-specific process coverage with 13 new products and 82 enhanced applications for the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and E&E industries.
    • The Automotive Body-in-White process has been enhanced with improved 3D tolerancing as well as thickness and orientation surface management within the "Generative Shape Design" product
    • The Automotive Body-in-White Design to Manufacturing process has improved with the new "Automotive Body-in-White Fastening" product that supports welding technologies and mechanical fastening.
    • Detailed 3D design in Powertrain/Consumer Goods/Plastic Parts has been expanded with blend vertex fillets and functional tolerances generation from sketcher feature parameters.
    • The end-to-end Automotive and Aerospace Harness engineering process has been completed with the new "Electrical Harness Flattening" product that enables design manufacturability validation and downstream drafting generation.
    • V5R10 delivers enhancements in the NC manufacturing domain: improvements in 3-axis and 5-axis operations mean a shorter manufacturing cycle; the new "Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant" product extends manufacturing process coverage with advanced NC feature recognition techniques.


Collaborative Workspaces: delivering a shared, real-time, 3D working environment

  • More efficient collaborative engineering through expanded publication mechanisms, assembly links management, and relational design. The improved V5R10 collaborative workspace raises relational design to new levels by spanning all product design phases, from conceptual design (small number of high-level engineers) to detailed design (many designers across an extended enterprise).
  • Better supply chain collaboration with CATIA - ENOVIA Work Package Exchange. The Exchange enables OEMs to exchange their ENOVIA-based product data with suppliers that do not use ENOVIA (and retain its integrity).
  • Greater ability to manage heterogeneous and multi-CAD environments through feature recognition, healing, and multiCAD generative drafting capabilities.
  • Simplified implementation of best practices through CATIA's enhanced capacity to capture and reuse corporate standards.


Product, Process, Resources Model (PPR): integrating product development, business processes, and resources

  • Greater CATIA-ENOVIA integration with increased ability to capture and manage analysis results, kinematics definitions, and Knowledge-driven products.
  • Expanded CATIA-DELMIA integration with the "Tolerance Analysis of Deformable Assembly" product. Processes and resources defined and managed in DELMIA can now be directly used and simulated in CATIA.


Knowledge: capturing, sharing, and reusing information

  • Unique ability for customers to create process-driven applications. V5R10 CATIA Business Process Knowledge Templates now enable companies to interactively, capture and reuse their best practices within their own custom-build applications.


CAA V5: encouraging development of other PLM solutions by independent software vendors

  • Growing openness of the V5 architecture is demonstrated through the ever-increasing number of key players adopting the V5 architecture.
  • Thirty-five CAA V5 software partners have created more than 50 integrated products with another 45 under development.
  • CAA V5 now supports seven different operating systems used to build and run CAA V5 based applications.


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