Growing the Collaborative Manufacturing Community with DELMIA Version 5 Release 16

Dassault Systemes’ latest V5 PLM solution for manufacturing empowers collaboration between design, manufacturing and production

Auburn Hills, MI, USA, November 8, 2005  Dassault Systèmes (DS) (NASDAQ: DASTY: Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), today announced the latest release of DELMIA V5 PLM Manufacturing Solutions for the digital design and validation of factories and production processes, as part of Release 16 of their Version 5 (V5R16) Product Lifecycle Management platform.


With the release of DS’ V5R16, DELMIA will support the Microsoft Windows 64-bit operating system and certified hardware platforms, enabling users to access and manipulate very large datasets as they develop, plan and communicate manufacturing and production processes.


“The manufacturing communities can continue to grow by taking advantage of this new technology. It eliminates the memory limitations encountered when dealing with large data models, such as an entire factory, and enhance the power of digital process planning, detailing and 3D simulations,” says Philippe Charlès, CEO, DELMIA. “This will without a doubt increase the overall collaboration, performance and value for an enterprise, by connecting people and accelerating product and production engineering.”


DELMIA V5R16 Highlights:


Increase Performance for Collaborative Workspaces – DELMIA V5R16 is released on the Microsoft 64-bit platform, giving users the ability to process larger data sets and manipulate complex models. The 64-bit platform also provides faster load times, simplified 3D views, and improved communications between design, manufacturing and production.


Empower Engineering-to-Manufacturing Collaboration – DELMIA V5R16 provides the ability to apply the power of Change Management Actions to manufacturing process planning, thereby providing rigorous control over business processes and tightly integrating this control with product engineering through ENOVIA V5. This ensures a continuous data-share and understanding between design intent and the manufacturing processes.


Communicate Knowledge Downstream - DELMIA V5R16 empowers manufacturing planners to directly re-use and reconcile captured design requirements data in their process plans and to translate this engineering knowledge in electronic work instructions for delivery to the shop floor.


Capture Enterprise Knowledge – With DELMIA V5R16, the aerospace community has the ability to capture ‘non-conformance’ details on the shop floor using V5 DPM Shop, and assist the enterprise compliance with FAA requirements by documenting and storing this information within the MES system. The shop floor can also leverage this ‘captured knowledge’ to enhance and update its electronic work instructions for improved production efficiency.


Reach the Extended Network – DELMIA V5R16 allows users to generate lightweight 3DXML models of both product and resource geometry in the context of the manufacturing process plans. These lightweight models can then be used downstream with any Microsoft Office application for the purpose of generating documents with 3D interactive capabilities, thereby bringing these documents ‘to life’ for improved enterprise communication.



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