ENOVIA Corp. announces IBM Corporation Adds Seventh Location to its Worldwide Implementation of ENOVIA Solutions

ENOVIA Corp. announces that its ENOVIAPM software application suite has been fully implemented in production use by IBM at one of its largest laboratory and manufacturing sites in Burlington, Vermont.

Charlotte, North Carolina, March 5, 1999--As part of a worldwide implementation, IBM is now in production with ENOVIA Solutions at seven sites, including Raleigh (NC), Endicott and East Fishkill (NY), Burlington (VT), Austin (TX), Bromont (Canada) and Yamato (Japan), with more to follow by year end.

During IBM’s deployment to the initial seven locations, approximately 100 million design records were loaded into the ENOVIA database. Later this year a central ENOVIA installation will be a corporate repository for all engineering changes, items, product and bill of material data. The 3,300 current IBM users will expand to more than 5,000 this year.

"ENOVIAPM is a strategic application within IBM’s Integrated Product Development process re-engineering project. Design, manufacturing, commodity and cost engineers, product planners, procurement and others are integrated into the release process electronically," said Johnny Barnes, director of hardware common tools for IBM. "ENOVIAPM is playing a significant role in helping us reduce the normal 40 to 60 steps needed to release a product to 15 steps or less. We expect to cut the time we are spending in recreating and interpreting engineering data by 50 percent or more."

Barnes adds: "We are already seeing benefits that amount to millions of dollars a year in increased productivity and reductions in I/T, scrap and rework costs. We are also recognizing much more value from accurate engineering information being leveraged downstream in manufacturing."

Joel Lemke, ENOVIA, chief executive officer, comments that "IBM’s multi-site deployment is a validation of ENOVIA’s architecture for managing development projects spanning many design and manufacturing locations. IBM’s successful deployment is proof that ENOVIA’s technology can efficiently support global engineering and manufacturing enterprises."

ENOVIA Solutions help companies increase product innovation while simultaneously managing the huge amounts of data generated in the development process by collaborating teams that are often located at multiple locations. These solutions are part of a framework called Product Development Management II (PDM II).

Under the PDM II concept, companies are able to optimize how products are conceived, designed and built. Implementing this concept with ENOVIA Solutions means every aspect of a product is defined in an easy-to-access, all-digital format. This enables different design, development and manufacturing disciplines to access data sooner, collaborate easier and faster and improve quality, reduce costs and bring better, more profitable products to market quicker.

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