EAI-DELTA extend Performance Range of DMU/DMF-Software by new Release ERGOPlan-Version 4.1 now in the Market

The Fellbach software house EAI-DELTA GmbH has just introduced a new version of its ERGOPlan-system for Integrated Product- and Process Engineering - for the first time integrating the individual system modules into a framework. In addition ERGOPlan 4.1 offers extensive expansions and innovations in the fields of Time Management, Balancing, Animation, Documentation, CAD-interfaces and linkage of standard software.

To clarify the cohesion of the ERGOPlan-modules in the Integrated Database (IPD) and enable a continuous operating mode while using several program modules at the same time, the modules were pooled in an ERGOPlan-framework. It includes the software modules ERGOPro (Preplanning, Target Costing and Digital Mockup), ERGODFA (Design for Assembly, Assembly Value Analysis), ERGOTEK (Calculation of Production- and Material Costs), ERGOMAS (Production System Design, Time Management and Ergonomics), ERGOMan (Worker Simulation) and ERGOSim (Material Flow Simulation). The framework enables the user to switch between different ERGOPlan-applications without having to exit them.

The time management module was implemented entirely new in ERGOPlan to meet the strongly increased requirements to a modern time management. The module now enables the application of additional time management methods (Work Factor Rapid Method [Schnellverfahren], Work Factor Ready and Work Factor Combination).

Completely new is the animation-tool now integrated in ERGOPlan 4.1. It enables the animation of one or several objects in stations and lines. Thus, for example, it is now possible to "seat" the virtual camera of the video tool onto an animated object, thus generating a "video by an animated camera". Objects moved by animation can be followed-up by the video camera and so generate a "camera-pan across the factory".

The possibilities for documentation were further expanded in ERGOPlan-Version 4.1. Some of the features are the assignment of graphics to time analyses, the configurability of printouts in time management, the assignment of graphics or documents to assembly components or the feasibility to assign different print formats to individual document entries. At the same time document-preview is working even faster and qualitatively better as before. ERGOPlan-graphics can now be further processed in other programs or converted and saved in one of the numerous current graphics-formats.

The linkage to standard software has been conveniently realized for the user so that by allocated documents the respective software, e.g. Microsoft Word, can be triggered directly out of ERGOPlan. Besides, Version 4.1 is provided with additional and improved CAD-interfaces, e.g. to the formats VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and STL (stereo-lithography).

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