Deneb/DPM Process Planner integrates Digital Manufacturing solutions with a shared view of Product, Process and Resource Master Models

The new DPM (Digital Process for Manufacturing) solution from Deneb Robotics boosts enterprise-wide efficiency through a "Process Centric" shared view of the Product, Process and Resource (PPR) master models.

With Deneb/DPM, M.B.O.M. (Manufacturing Bill of Material), process plans and corporate process knowledge for best practices are captured for reuse to avert costly mistakes, provide quality through consistent process, and speed product launch. In addition to validating the process, Deneb/DPM automatically generates intermediate product state and process demonstration.

The program ties together the PPR databases used to support process creation, validation, simulation, and updates to the PPR models at any stage of the manufacturing product development cycle. It is able to perform trade studies of various manufacturing alternatives, and trade-offs between product design and manufacturing design.

To further save time, Deneb/DPM allows process creation and editing to start very early in the design stage – even before product geometry exists. Once defined, processes may be stored in file systems or in a PDM database. Different process representations such as Sequential Charts, Gantt Charts or Hierarchical Charts are available.

"Once a process sequence is defined, Deneb/DPM enables links to PPR databases," states Brown. "Resources themselves can be created and edited using catalogs such as Deneb Device libraries or accessed directly from legacy systems. All members of the enterprise share the Master Process Model."

When Deneb/DPM is used with Deneb/ENVISION(R) or Deneb/IGRIP(R), 4D recordings of the manufacturing or maintenance process can be generated and used for electronic work instruction. These can be replayed on low costs PCs on the shop floor or in the field.

Standard formats for html, Word for Windows(R), and Excel(R), plus other well known applications are supported. Deneb/DPM enables the generation of plant layout and station information, tool design order, resources programming data, workers and station instructional sheets, process planning for daily production management and planning (E.R.P. system connection), M.B.O.M. for material planning (PDM and M.R.P. connection). Custom report and file formats can be created using Visual Basic.

The program environment is designed to support all changes that occur in the life of the product. These changes come from: budget and cost control policy, plants and facilities deployment and consolidation, product producibility analysis, new manufacturing equipment purchases, options incorporation, Engineering Change Orders, configuration and efficiency consideration.

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