DELMIA/QUEST® Helps DAIKIN to Improve Productivity and Optimize Production Line Design

DELMIA/QUEST® Helps DAIKIN to Improve Productivity and Optimize Production Line Design

DMS Expo/Conference 2001 – Tokyo, 6th July, 2001- Daikin Industries, Ltd., a global leader in the manufacture of commercial and industrialuse air conditioning systems, and DELMIA Corp., a Dassault Systemes company (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today that DELMIA/QUEST solution has helped Daikin to create innovative and highly efficient production systems which resulted in 30% productivity improvement and significant reduction in investment.  DaikinIt wasannounced by DAIKIN at “DMS Expo/Conf Special Seminar” held in Tokyo today. <br/>



Daikin has launched the production innovation program called “Transform to Highly Cycle Production System”.  Various targets includ ing further reduction of product inventory, design & build flexible production line, and drastic reduction of supply lead time.  To meet such high targets, Daikin realized deployment of the simulation software is needed when designing and validating the line.  After extensive benchmarks, Daikin decided to select QUEST, discrete event simulator with proven  experiences in various industries. <br/>



In order to detect bottlenecks of the current production line and to check the various alternatives, conventional methods such as trial run or observation of the production lines had been used at Daikin, which costs them a lot and takes long time to validate.   By using QUEST, production line is modeled in 3D, so that problems can be detected easily, and many alternatives can be tested freely in the virtual environment.  As a result, Daikin has successfully achieved the target to improve the productivity of its existing production line by 30%.  Daikin also utilizes QUEST in other areas such as production line design and distribution system validation. <br/>




 “QUEST gave us a freedom for us to try and error manyalternatives as we wantin the virtual environmentwhen designing and validating production lines.  In the production line design project, for example, all the related team members such as production engineers, shop floor engineers and equipment manufacturers  can discuss the design from various points of view.  Know-how and requirements from all parties could be incorporated in the design from the early phase.  This cannot be achieved without powerful 3D simulation software,” explained by Takayoshi Inoue, Home Air Conditioning Div., DAIKIN Industries, Ltd. <br/>



Rob Barlow, President of DELMIA Japan, Ltd. Commented, “We are so pleased that DAIKIN, a global leader in airconditioner market has chosen DELMIA/QUEST to challenge of the shortest lead time in the market with success.  The extensive/successful deployment at DAIKIN provesthe unlimited capability of QUEST in all the industry” domains.”

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