DELMIA/IGRIP and QUEST Selected for CAPE Project at ISUZU Motor Limited

DELMIA Solutions Play a Key Role in ISUZU’s Concurrent Digital Car Development Program


Yokohama (Japan), November 7, 2001 –DELMIA Corp., a Dassault Systemes company (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today that ISUZU Motors Limited, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles has started CAPE (Computer Aided Production Engineering) Project and it has chosen DELMIA/IGRIP and DELMIA/ QUEST as its core solutions to support the success of the project. <br/>



ISUZU is starting a new concurrent digital car development project called “V-Ken” whose target is to bring together the key technologies to enable true end-to-end digital car development.  This project will take the digital car development throughout the entire development process with three key sub-project teams; CAD, CAE, and the CAPE Project Teams.  Using DELMIA’s Solutions as the core technology enabler, the CAPE Project team has target to optimize the production systems by detecting the manufacturing problems and requirements, and sending them back to the design teams early in the product development stage.  The CAPE Project team, use DELMIA IGRIP, DELMIA ERGO and DELMIA ASSEMBLY for product manufacturability, work cell analysis, as well as interferance and clearance checks of engine components, instrument panels and wire harness/piping production line to avoid costly mistakes start-up problems.    DELMIA QUEST is then used for throughput and factory flow analysis and optimization.  DELMIA solutions will be fully deployed in production later this year in ISUZU. <br/>



ISUZU has been implementing 3D modeling and advanced analysis for product optimization, and understands well the advantages to employ applications to launch “digital manufacturing” projects by deploying powerful 3D simulation tools.  After extensive benchmarks by CAPE Project Team under GM’s support, ISUZU selected to deploy DELMIA solutions to make digital manufacturing concept into reality.  ISUZU receives comprehensive supports from GM for implementation and methodology of simulation tools.  ISUZU will expand the usage of DELMIA simulation tools to BIW and Power Train processes in the near future. <br/>



Takehito Nakagawa, Manager of Engineering Information Administration Dept. and a leader of CAPE Project commented, “As a member of GM Group, we were aware of the value of DELMIA’s advanced simulation tools.  We however needed to prove effectiveness of the tools to the design and production engineering teams.  Thanks to technical and engineering support from DELMIA Japan and Aoyama Gakuin University, we successfully completed trial and evaluation project that demonstrated the real value of DELMIA’s powerful digital manufacturing solutions.  Through this project, we are convinced that digital manufacturing can be realized by our staff with a full set of new ideas and internal and external human resource working together in a network.  We would like to maintain our collaboration project with Aoyama Gakuin University, and to further expand our collaboration with equipment and component suppliers.”




“We are very pleased that DELMIA Solutions were selected for Isuzu’s new virtual car development program.  It is exciting to partner with a leading commercial vehicle manufacture such as ISUZU and provide key technologies to help ISUZU meet their manufacturing targets and exceed their customers expectations.  We are also very excited about this new type of industry/academic collaboration models between ISUZU, DELMIA and Aoyama Gakuin University,” commented by Rob Barlow, President of DELMIA Japan, Ltd. “DELMIA Solutions continue to become part of the key differentiators for the leading commercial vehicle manufactures.  DELMIA is very pleased with the relationship that we have developed with Isuzu and will continue to contribute our expertise and knowledge for the success of ISUZU’s digital car development program.”

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