DELMIA Introduces Process Engineering Solutions


Troy, Michigan (USA) -- March. 22, 2001--DELMIA Corp., a DS company (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today the launch of its DELMIA Process Engineering Solutions.   The combination of DELMIA Process Engineering™ and the already released DELMIA applications like DPM for Assembly™, IGRIP®, ENVISION® and QUEST® provides the user a complete and extremely powerful solution for manufacturing design and optimization, from the product conceptual design phase, through the whole process planning and the production ramp up.  The Process Planning and Analysis Solutions support an efficient process definition focusing on the functional realization of the manufacturing process. The V5 based 3-D Process Simulation and Verification solutions focus on the detailed definition and dynamic interactions of the physical process.<br/>



The Process Planning and Analysis enables the user to define and analyze the process from a functional perspective.  The PPR Navigator™ for Manufacturing is used for structuring and visualization of all the relevant planning data.  It has an intuitive interface providing access to the information organized by Product, Process and Resource. Depending on the role of the user, different Process Engineering modules are used to create and generate the data and the links between the PPR data elements.   The Process and Resource Planning module is used to generate a process graph of the sequence of operations and automatically derive a manufacturing concept.  Based on internationally established methods for time measurement, the Standard Time Measurement module delivers a detailed process description for both manual and semi-automated manufacturing processes.  It determines the required standard times and documents them completely. The Product Evaluation module enables the user to filter specific product configurations and evaluate the cost of the proposed production plan versus the cost targets. With the Layout Planning module the engineer can efficiently design and optimize manual and automated work cells and lines. For the communication and the sharing of information across the enterprise, DELMIA offers the PPR Browser™  for Manufacturing for accessing the data in a read-only mode.<br/>



All Process Design and Analysis modules are based on one Product, Process and Resource (PPR) data model stored in an integrated database, the PPR Hub™. This allows the users to share the same data among the different locations, departments and disciplines throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.<br/>



The DELMIA V5R6 release further enhances DELMIA’s 3-D Process Simulation and Verification capabilities. The increased functionality includes 3-D Assembly planning, Space Analysis, Factory, Line & Station Layout and legacy data support. This release provides improved part motion definition, automatic path finding and exclusion of design contacts in collision checking.  Support for resource libraries has been added to allow management and organization of resource data and attributes in a catalog. The V5 Knowledgeware functions can now be created referencing process activities.<br/>



With V5R6 the new Human Builder™, Human Activity Analysis™, Human Posture Analysis™ and Human Measurement Editor™ products enable the user to evaluate the visibility and the reachability of workstation components and to perform ergonomic analysis.  DELMIA Process Engineering Solutions are available worldwide on Windows NT and Windows 2000.<br/>

“This unique process engineering portfolio supports the most current methodologies for an integrated process planning environment. It moves new product programs quickly and accurately from product conceptual design to production execution, supporting manufacturing innovation within the extended enterprise” says Philippe CHARLES, CEO of DELMIA.

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