DELMIA Introduces PLC Verification Solution


Troy, Michigan (USA) – June 6, 2001–DELMIA Corp., a Dassault Systemes company (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today the launch of its DELMIA Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Verification Solution.   DELMIA introduced their open architecture solution for validating and optimizing PLC programs using 3D simulation at the International Robots & Vision Show and Conference in Chicago, IL, USA.  This enables the Controls Engineer to take advantage of the mechanical workcell simulation to validate and debug their controls programs prior to the physical workcell build completion.  This significantly reduces the ramp-up time of automated equipment, decreasing time to market.<br/>



PLC Verification uses OPC, OLE for Process Control, to communicate between the PLC hardware and the DELMIA IGRIP simulation.  This standard allows any compliant PLC to communicate its input/output signals to the 3D simulation.  The simulated devices react to these signals and emulate the behavior of the real world devices, such as switches, pushbuttons, lamps and safety equipment.  These simulated devices and their behavior can be modeled within IGRIP and stored for reuse.  Once the PLC program has been completed and debugged, PLC Verification provides a virtual training environment for operator and maintenance personnel to become knowledgeable in the operation and maintenance of the tooling before it is installed and operating.  This includes the normal process sequences and interlocks, as well as, manual operation, the triggering of safety devices and error recovery.  <br/>



PLC Verification can be used to simultaneously interface multiple PLC’s with multiple IGRIP workcell simulations to validate the most complex environments.  Its flexible client/server architecture promotes a truly distributed controls verification solution. PLC Verification has been validated to work with Rockwell’s RSLink, OMRON’s Sysmac and Mitsubishi’s Takebishi OPC servers. <br/>




“PLC Verification provides a 3D collaborative environment for the evaluation of process scenarios and creates a diagnostic test bed for optimizing and debugging control programs.  This allows the controls engineer to be involved earlier in the process and reduces production ramp-up time” says Dennis Archer, Product Manager for DELMIA PLC Verification. <br/>




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