Dassault Systèmes to Deploy DELMIA Automation in Japan with Omron

OMRON announces CAA V5 “OMRON PLC Setup” for solution support and deployment

Kanagawa, Japan, October 27, 2006 - OMRON Corp., a leading manufacturer of control equipment for factory automation, and digital manufacturing supplier DELMIA, a Dassault Systèmes company (NASDAQ: DASTY; Euronext Paris: No. 13065, DSY.PA), today announced the domestic shipment, sale and support of DELMIA Automation Version 5 in Japan.

DELMIA Automation V5 enables the optimization and validations of a given manufacturing process in a 3D virtual environment from control design processes to the shop floor environment. Until recently, the controlling system needed to be tested and adjusted using the physical equipment on the shop floor. DELMIA Automation V5 provides substantial reductions in testing and adjustment time on the shop floor by performing pre-validation in 3D - “virtual commissioning”. This allows control departments to work in parallel and share information with mechanical and electrical departments earlier in the development process, optimizing engineering processes. Through virtual validation, DELMIA Automation enables users to download an optimized program for the PLC (programmable logic controller) and I/O control information to the actual PLC hardware.

Using Dassault Systèmes’ Component Application Architecture Version 5 (CAA V5), OMRON has developed “OMRON PLC Setup” to integrate automation devices and DELMIA Automation. “OMRON PLC Setup” allows the download of optimized PLC programs created in DELMIA Automation Control Studio 1 to OMRON PLCs. Up to now, users had to develop both the program for virtual verification and the one for PLC use. DELMIA Automation enables users to develop only one program, leading to a drastic reduction in the overall processes.

OMRON, a DELMIA business partner, is in charge of domestic sales and support for DELMIA Automation, and the promotion of complete solutions with technical assistance and engineering support of the software, including control devices and DELMIA Automation for global enterprise customers in domains including: automotive, electric and electronics, semiconductor and food. This allows OMRON to enhance value for enterprise customers, with wide-ranging solutions which satisfy business needs and contribute to reducing the time needed for each process---from product design to manufacturing and production design--and improve manufacturing quality.

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