Dassault Systemes Announces DELMIA Version 5 Release 9

Latest Release of 3D PLM Manufacturing Engineering Solutions Enables Unparalleled Innovation and Efficiency with Breakthrough Product Morphing

Paris, France – June 11, 2002 - Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the launch of DELMIA Version 5 Release 9 (V5R9), the leading 3D product life cycle management (3D PLM) solution for manufacturing process planning, detailing, verification and simulation. As part of the global 3D PLM offering, DELMIA V5R9 represents a major milestone in the PLM space by enabling breakthrough product morphing. DELMIA V5R9 will be available worldwide on July 26, 2002, with significant manufacturing process planning enhancements and a total of 130 products.

“Product morphing” is a set of state-of-the-art best practices enabled by DELMIA V5’s unique knowledgeware, relational design, process integration and PPR infrastructure, which automatically combine existing design definitions and/or templates, with new specifications to drive the regeneration of fully-engineered derivative product definitions.  By maximizing reuse of existing knowledge and experience, morphing gives customers the ability to reduce cycle times and increase their market responsiveness.

"DELMIA V5R9 is a major step in our PLM deliveries,” says Philippe Charles, Chief Executive Officer, DELMIA Corp. “With a particular focus on the manufacturing processes coverage, V5R9 offers a more powerful 3D PLM collaborative workspace for the manufacturing community, driving innovation and productivity along the overall product development process in the industry.”


DELMIA V5R9 Major Highlights

DELMIA V5R9 offers a wide range of new capabilities to make product morphing a reality, and lead the way to integrated manufacturing engineering:

  • Date and range configuration mechanisms for manufacturing engineers working in the aerospace, shipbuilding, and defense industries

  • Enhanced creation and management of numerical control (NC) manufacturing processes

  • Geometric tools for improved collaboration between manufacturing and tooling design engineers

  • Planning infrastructure improvements to leverage the reuse of existing manufacturing libraries in process planning and detailing.


Value for the Customer

DELMIA provides solutions for manufacturing process planning, detailing, verification and simulation within the 3D PLM portfolio. 3D PLM enables companies to optimize their business Processes for engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and support, using web-based Collaborative Workspaces to share a common product, process and resource model (PPR). With PPR, companies can capture, share and reuse Knowledge throughout the product lifecycle. The open CAA (Component Application Architecture) V5 allows extension of this solution to - and integration within - multiple enterprise environments. 



DELMIA V5R9 application enhancements provide significant gains in productivity for manufacturing process planners and detailers. For example, DELMIA has extended the spot welding management and planning tools within the Digital Process for Manufacturing (DPM) Body in White application to include support for other types of point fasteners (such as stud welds, rivets, and screws), access to plans stored in process libraries, and cutting and pasting of plans between multiple documents. 

This release includes 16 new products which expand process coverage in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and defense, heavy equipment, and consumer goods sectors. The new DPM Powertrain configuration, for instance, delivers planning capabilities for process planners involved in automotive powertrain part fabrication.

“With 16 new products and major enhancements leveraging the V5 technologies, the DELMIA V5R9 Release is yet another breakthrough in the adoption by DELMIA of the V5 architecture to better support Dassault Systemes’ 3D PLM vision and strategy," said Pascal LECLAND, Executive Vice President Research and Development, DELMIA Corp. "The pervasive PPR access throughout the DELMIA Applications portfolio provides our customers with new and more efficient ways to morph their existing Process and Resource Intellectual Property to better help the Product Life Cycle maturation Process."


3D Collaborative Workspace

DELMIA V5R9 gives customers a more collaborative, multi-user environment by supporting date and unit-range effectivity control within manufacturing process planning. This type of collaboration is particularly critical for the aerospace defense and shipbuilding sectors. <br/>

Other significant enhancements include better functionality for accessing and filtering data, improved intelligent data locking, read-only modes and configuration, and effectivity control  of simulation and process planning data. Additionally, the introduction of a set of geometric tools improves collaboration between manufacturing and tooling design engineers. With DELMIA V5R9, engineers can experiment with and resolve resource and design issues as they relate to manufacturing process planning, and communicate with engineers who have design responsibilities.



DELMIA V5R9 delivers enhanced DELMIA-ENOVIA integration and PPR infrastructure support, which collectively  facilitate “planning-in-context” based on a unique PPR model. This release enables the filtering of information, including configurations, as well as date and range effectivity control on all PPR objects (once again, vital requirements for aerospace, defense, and shipbuilding domains).



DELMIA V5R9 allows manufacturing engineers to make better reuse of enterprise standard process libraries, which empowers the morphing of manufacturing processes during planning and detailing stages. Process planners and process detailers can easily access and share standard practices throughout the extended enterprise.  This knowledge can then be shared with other users, thereby reducing development and verification efforts.



New interfaces within DELMIA V5R9 Robotic Workcell Layout & Sequencing provide additional support to software community program (SCP) partners developing CAA V5 applications for DELMIA.

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