Dassault Systemes Announces DELMIA Version 5 Release 8

Digital Manufacturing for Full Enterprise Deployment

Paris, France, February 12, 2002--Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the availability of Version 5 Release 8 (V5R8) of DELMIA, the leading 3d PLM integrated solution for digital manufacturing and maintenance processes, resource creation, simulation, and optimization. This announcement covers the full set of DELMIA integrated solutions, enhancing productivity, end-to-end manufacturing process coverage and interoperability with other Dassault Systemes 3d PLM Solutions.

DELMIA is the manufacturing and maintenance process engineering solution within the 3d PLM offering. Through 3d PLM, customers can optimize their business Processes relating to Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Support within Collaborative Workspaces. By sharing a common product, process, and resource model (PPR), companies can capture, share and reuse Knowledge throughout the product lifecycle. The CAA V5 open architecture allows extension and integration of this solution within multiple enterprise environments.

Process Centric

DELMIA V5R8 solutions integrate all capabilities required to engineer the manufacturing process. This includes DELMIA Process Engineer for process planning, DELMIA V5 DPM for 3D process detailing, DELMIA Robotics and DELMIA Human Modeling for 3D process simulation and validation, as well as DELMIA QUEST for factory flow optimization. These critical technologies provide true manufacturing engineering and decision support in context with product design and production system constraints.

DELMIA delivers end-to-end solutions that are dedicated to critical customer manufacturing processes covering Powertrain, Final Assembly and Body In White in the automotive industry, Airframe Assembly in aerospace and general assembly processes across manufacturing industry segments.

For the automotive Body-in-White process, DELMIA DPM Body in White delivers functionalities for weld allocation, weld gun definition and detailing, as well as sequencing of weld operations. These are the key drivers for improving quality and efficiency of the Body manufacturing process. In V5R8, the Body-in-White offering is further enhanced with dedicated features for weld management and Gantt-based editing that improves ease-of-use for process definition and optimization as well as weld-point balancing.

With V5R8, DELMIA Process Engineer delivers enhanced cost calculation with target-cost management and broader support of standards for time measurement. DELMIA Robotics improved clash detection during robot programming and work cell optimization through automatic robot placement.

3d Collaborative Workspace

DELMIA V5R8 end-to-end Solutions increase and facilitate interactions between all actors participating in product engineering, manufacturing engineering and production planning. Throughout the organization, it increases agility, encourages innovation, and permits quick and easy iterations in any manufacturing process definition.

DELMIA V5R8 offers all necessary capability for conducting Virtual Manufacturing Reviews. This capability covers 3D-based process, assembly and layout review that can be performed at any time, by any actor, on a complete and current view of the Product, Process and Resource definitions and dependencies. It also addresses cross-organizational simulation and validation of all change proposals for product, process and resource definitions.


With PPR integration across 3d PLM solutions, Product, Process and Resource collaborative engineering becomes a reality, increasing the efficiency of the overall development process and providing effective sharing of design and manufacturing information across all organizations.

DELMIA V5R8 end-to-end Solutions serve to author and share process and resource information relative to product definition. Improved access to configured product information from ENOVIA allows engineers to define, simulate and optimize the associated manufacturing processes in full context with the product and associated resources. DELMIA V5R8 also improves multiple concurrent sharing of PPR information and extends this information to include factory flow simulation through DELMIA QUEST PPR access.

Pascal Lecland, Executive Vice President of Research & Development, DELMIA Corp., said: “Think of the DS PPR Hub as a pipeline that allows collaborative and concurrent engineering early in a product's lifecycle. In essence, Dassault Systemes PPR Hub enables individuals responsible for the various engineering tasks associated with the manufacturing process to have access to information generated by others.


Seamless integration through process planning, simulation and off-line programming allows for the design, capture and reuse of processes based on an incremental and successively refined methodology. A company’s extensive knowledge, know-how and best practices are captured and shared to support reuse, derivation and carry over of process engineering and production resources.


DELMIA V5 Solutions progressively benefit from V5 next generation Component Application Architecture (CAA). Partners are currently developing products to extend the 3d PLM applications portfolio. All DELMIA Solutions are open and can be customized to fulfill company-specific needs.

In addition, service companies provide custom integration for these 3d PLM solutions within the customer environment. V5R8 DELMIA Process Engineer delivers new customization capabilities to generate process documentation and reports based on Java and Visual Basic script.

Our DELMIA V5R8 solutions have a singular focus to improve efficiency addressing key manufacturing processes in Automotive and Aerospace. V5R8 provides true concurrent manufacturing engineering in context of the product definition. This release offers our customers the opportunity for a new step in transforming the overall manufacturing development process and a new step in implementing the digital factory through digital mock-up,” said Philippe Charles, Chief Executive Officer, DELMIA Corporation.

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