Dassault Systemes Announces DELMIA Version 5 Release 10

DELMIA V5R10 - from virtual manufacturing processes definition to real-life shop floor production

Paris, France - October 29, 2002 - Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) today announced the release of DELMIA Version 5 Release 10 (V5R10), the leading three-dimensional product lifecycle management solution for lean manufacturing processes engineering. As part of the global V5R10 3D PLM release (including CATIA, ENOVIA, and SMARTEAM), DELMIA V5R10 enables best practices deployment in collaborative manufacturing process engineering and manufacturing simulation.

DELMIA V5R10 contributes to the V5R10 “Connected by Knowledge” theme by extending process coverage (to create and reuse workstation resource libraries), and by creating a collaborative link between the manufacturing process planner and the worker on the shop floor with the new DPM Shop Floor solution. Other DELMIA V5R10 highlights include enhanced end-to-end process coverage for the automotive industry, improved performance from the PPR Hub, and greater integration of DELMIA applications with ENOVIA.

“DELMIA V5R10 provides customers with powerful new tools to cover all stages of the definition of their manufacturing processes - from design to validation,” said Philippe Charles, CEO, DELMIA Corp. “With its focus on enhancements for manufacturing productivity and virtual-to-real processes, DELMIA V5R10 offers a larger collaborative workspace and greater integration with the other 3D PLM brands, which is the main objective of V5R10.”

DELMIA V5R10 – Value to the customer

The DELMIA V5R10 features and products listed below are grouped according to the five Fundamentals of 3D PLM. The fundamentals are the core elements of the 3D Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business model that bring value to a customer.

Process-Centric: basing customer solutions on industry-specific processes

  • Increased coverage and productivity of the Automotive Body in White Assembly process definition through the implementation of Standard Workstation support in the PPR Hub. Additionally, the new Product Flow editor enables process planners to easily re-allocate parts and fastener assignments between workstations, manage fixture locator points for part positioning in a work cell, and manage alternative versions of process plans stored in the PPR Hub.
  • Improved inspection process definition, planning and verification through the new Inspect Off-Line product. Inspect Off-Line provides a dedicated solution for the programming of Measuring machines (CMM).
  • Optimized Automotive Final Assembly Process definition through the new Line Balancing option that extends the capabilities of DELMIA - Process Engineer.


Collaborative Workspaces: delivering a shared, real-time, 3D working environment

  • DELMIA V5R10 creates a collaborative link between Virtual Manufacturing Process definition and the worker executing the production steps on the shop floor with the new DPM Work Instructions product.
  • DELMIA V5R10 brings “the power of 3D” down to the shop floor with the DPM Shop, a new configuration that enables production users to visualize their work instructions at each step in 3D, in a clear, interactive way.


Product, Process, Resource Model (PPR): integrating product development, business processes, and resources

  • Improved performance and usability when interacting with the PPR Hub due to integrated DELMIA manufacturing solutions.
  • Greater collaboration between machining process planner and the PLM engineering and manufacturing extended community due to the integration of the DELMIA-DPM Powertrain and the PPR Hub.
  • ENOVIA-DELMIA integration extended to ENOVIA V5-DELMIA for Process planning in context of the Product definition. This integration enables DELMIA to access product structure, configurations, and documents stored and managed using ENOVIA V5.


Knowledge: capturing, sharing, and reusing information

  • New capture of best practice knowledge for inspection methods through the Inspect Off-line product. Inspect Off-line utilizes the powerful V5 Knowledge Expert technology to enable companies to pre-define how standard design features should be inspected. This Knowledge-based library considers feature tolerances established by the design engineer. Inspection paths are automatically generated for the inspection process planner and are completely associative (i.e., when changes are made to a feature or tolerance, the inspection path can be automatically updated and validated).


CAA V5: encouraging development of other 3D PLM solutions by independent software vendors

  • Continued drive for openness through the delivery of APIs that enable DELMIA’s CAA partner, Metrologic, to deliver their Inspection On-line solution Metrolog V5.


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