Dassault Systemes and PlanetCAD announce a CAA V5 Development Partnership Agreement

Integration of PrescientQA design-quality engineering software into the CATIA V5 environment


Paris (France), February 12, 2001 – PlanetCAD Inc. (AMEX : PCD) and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY, Bourse de Paris) announced today the signing of a Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 development partnership. The purpose of this agreement is the integration of PlanetCAD design quality engineering validation software in the CATIA V5 environment. This will enable the integration of customers’ critical processes – from design up to design quality control - into a single environment.<br/>



Engineers in the digital manufacturing supply chain need to test and confirm the quality of their data early in the design process. It is vitally important to test CAD, CAM and CAE models early and often. This helps eliminate errors, improve interoperability and save time and money. When models are not tested, problems often result later in the design process, including lack of interoperability and hidden errors that may not show up until manufacturing.<br/>



CATIA Mechanical Design 2 Configuration is a new generation CATIA V5 solution, offering all the necessary tools to perform advanced 3D design of parts and assemblies in the context of the full scale digital mock-up, and generation of production drawings. In addition CATIA V5 Knowledge Expert 2 enables customers to build up and share corporate knowledge in rules-driven databases. Captured rules and checks can be applied across the enterprise to ensure compliance with established design standards.<br/>



PrescientQA® On CAA V5 is complementary to the full range of CATIA V5 products, which cover all stages of product design and development. By taking advantage of CATIA V5 Knowledge Ware capabilities, PrescientQA On CAA V5 allows engineers to define and integrate rules and checks for design validation. It also offers a unique and innovative set of predefined design standards: the DesignQA on CAA V5 standards focus on measuring and ensuring the completeness and effectiveness of communication of the data/information necessary to describe the design for downstream uses. In addition GeometryQA On CAA V5 standards gives the possibility to validate a CAD model against VDA recommendations that comprise quality specifications to the automotive industry.<br/>



PrescientQA® On CAA V5 is PlanetCAD's leading engineering quality software system which will be fully integrated with CATIA V5. This application detects, assesses, corrects and prevents product development problems caused by inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent design modeling practices allowing individuals, departments and companies to leverage their best modeling and design practices consistently throughout the product development process.<br/>




"PlanetCAD and Dassault Systemes enjoy a very strong, cooperative relationship. We recently sold our Component Software Division to Dassault Systemes, and we have a number of ongoing cross-licensing agreements with the company," said Dick Sowar, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, PlanetCAD "It was therefore an obvious choice for PlanetCAD to participate in the CAA V5 Galaxy Program with PrescientQA. It will provide our customers with yet another option for their software needs."





“The signing of the CAA V5 partnership agreement is the result of a successful teamwork between Dassault Systemes and PlanetCAD,”said Dominique Florack, Executive Vice-President, Research and Development, Dassault Systemes. “PlanetCAD with its strong experience in the design-quality engineering software arena has naturally joined the CAA V5 community to offer CATIA V5 users with highly competitive and efficient tools. Thanks to this new integration we still go on in building a strong and consistent products portfolio to always improve the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).”




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