Dassault Systèmes and IBM Announce Version 5 Release 17 of their Product Lifecycle ManagementPortfolio

Collaborative innovation from concept through manufacturing

Paris, France, September 5, 2006 - Dassault Systèmes (DS) (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) and IBM today announced the release of Version 5 Release 17 (V5R17) of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) portfolio, comprised of CATIA for collaborative product development, ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SmarTeam for collaborative lifecycle management. Dassault Systèmes also announced DELMIA V5R17 for virtual production and its V5R17 PLM sourcing solutions (Collaborative Enterprise Sourcing - CES) for ENOVIA VPLM. V5R17 delivers on DS and IBM’s PLM strategy for business process optimization, value chain innovation, engineering to manufacturing cycle streamlining, intellectual capital growth and standards adoption.

“V5R17’s unique virtual community enables integration between stakeholders in the product development chain, facilitating the reuse and sharing of knowledge,” noted Dominique Florack, executive vice-president, Strategy and R&D, Dassault Systèmes. “V5R17 delivers unequalled benefits for manufacturing and sourcing to all industries, while expanding coverage of engineering processes. V5R17 extends V5 openness, offering major XML enhancements through its combined 3DXML and web services strategy, for large deployments in our customers’ ecosystems.”

Walter Donaldson, General Manager, Product Lifecycle Management, IBM, said, “Leveraging product information to align product development processes with business strategy is a key challenge for our customers. V5R17 reinforces our ability to help customers grow their businesses by deploying innovative solutions that drive efficiency, productivity and overall success in the marketplace. IBM’s breadth of business transformation skills, SOA infrastructure, middleware, hardware and services combine perfectly with V5R17 to deliver on the promise of enterprise-level PLM and improve the entire business operation.”

"The portfolio of PLM products that Johnson Controls has deployed helps us support a seamless product development process. This Engineering Data Management "sub-process" is especially complimentary to our overall Product Lifecycle Management tools and process. Based on the innovative CATIA V5 and supportive PLM approach, the entire CATIA Engineering Data Management process is managed by ENOVIA VPM. The tight integration within V5R17 will also help us to better collaborate with our customers who use similar tools, shortening the overall joint product development cycle, helping our entire product development process to run more smoothly and our company and those customers to be more innovative and responsive" said Eckard Gatzmanga, IT Director Product Development & Launch Systems at Johnson Controls Europe, a global market leader in automotive systems and facility management and control.

"We recognize that DELMIA has introduced a paradigm shift with the latest release. As a Body-in-White planner, the new possibilities in resource and layout planning are very interesting for me. With these, DELMIA closes the loop between early product evaluation and process planning - where we already use DELMIA in production - and resource oriented capacity planning, in context, with the manufacturing layout. With selected suppliers, we are currently evaluating the benefits that we would get in deploying the new release," said Holger Schanz, Teamleader Digital Body-in-White Planning DaimlerChrysler.

V5R17 Brand Highlights: for detailed V5R17 brand information, visit https://www.3ds.com/services/deployment-services/ or www.ibm.com/software/plm

CATIA V5R17 boosts innovation for product excellence - CATIA V5R17 extends end-to-end industry process coverage through major enhancements in 3D electrical harness flattening, and the increased efficiency of CATIA Machining NC programming and simulation. This significantly reduces overall manufacturing process time. New core styling enhancements allow for rapid exploration of design ideas while permitting last-minute styling modifications. Design productivity is significantly improved with a breakthrough auto-filleting capability that enables automotive powertrain and chassis designers to dramatically save time. ENOVIA’s key enhancements in the VPM Navigator and in the VPLM/SmarTeam reconciliation capabilities foster relational design and concurrent working across the extended enterprise. CATIA V5R17 extends the 3D master approach with new capabilities, enabling the fast and convenient display of tolerances and annotations in a familiar drawing layout within the 3D environment. 3D XML now includes automation support, finite elements analysis (FEA) results and materials rendering.

ENOVIA VPLM V5R17 extends the power of collaboration with integrated PLM sourcing ─

In V5R17 Collaborative Enterprise Sourcing (CES)* combines engineering and sourcing functions into one collaborative desktop environment, enabling design for supply, parts reuse and obsolescence management early on and throughout the product lifecycle. The new release enhances versioning and embeds advanced effectivity and configuration management in VPM Navigator, dramatically improving designer productivity. V5R17’s ad-hoc review and dynamic approval capabilities provide more flexible business process support, allowing an organization to respond more rapidly to the demands of global collaboration and competition. Broader utilization and proliferation of 3D XML data leverages and extends the power of 3D beyond engineering communities.

ENOVIA SmarTeam V5R17 accelerates product development collaboration across the engineering chain ─ V5R17 adds breakthrough flexibility to product structure management, significantly accelerating engineering processes across disciplines. Out-of-the-box Express packages cost-effectively drive rapid PLM adoption and immediate ROI for SMBs. V5R17’s best-in-class CATIA V5 integration and reconciliation deliver greater robustness, optimizing design collaboration and OEM-supplier interaction. With a newly designed Web user interface that optimizes the user experience, V5R17 extends collaborative benefits to remote users. Enriched support for digital mock-up, 3D XML and security enhancements further foster enterprise knowledge-sharing and decision-making. Latest CAD certifications maximize collaborative engineering scenarios for multi-CAD organizations.

DELMIA V5R17 accelerates collaborative manufacturing ─ DELMIA V5R17 introduces the V5-based Product Process and Resource (PPR) family of products for unified V5 access on the product, process and resources stored in the Manufacturing Hub. This allows DELMIA users to navigate and author manufacturing information in the context of the product definition and under lifecycle, effectivity and configuration control. V5R17 boosts productivity in the body-in-white automotive process for OEMs and their suppliers, with concurrent process planning, integrated Gantt charts, and intuitive assembly line resources management. V5R17 leverages the design engineer’s specifications to automatically generate detailed shop floor instructions, significantly reducing authoring time, eliminating errors and improving accuracy. With V5R17, DELMIA is delivering highly focused solutions for the small and medium-sized enterprise in Work Instruction Authoring and Human Task Simulation and Analysis, optimizing return on investment. Process coverage is broadened through new CAA applications in the domains of robotic coatings, inspection, off-line and on-line programming and integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).


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