Dassault Systèmes and IBM Announce Version 5 Release 16 of their Product Lifecycle ManagementPortfolio

New version empowers Innovation Networks

Paris, France, November 8, 2005 - Dassault Systèmes (DS) (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) and IBM today announced the release of Version 5 Release 16 (V5R16) of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) portfolio, comprised of CATIA for collaborative product development, and ENOVIA and SMARTEAM for product data and life- cycle management, collaboration, and decision support. Concurrently, Dassault Systèmes announced DELMIA V5R16 for the digital development of factory and production processes.

“V5R16 helps our customers create more innovative products and leverage the talents of their global supply chains,” noted Dominique Florack, Executive Vice President, R&D, Dassault Systèmes. “The new release increases the power of the V5 PLM platform in three ways: by delivering unified PLM solutions for unrivalled gains in productivity; by extending the reach of 3D XML within the enterprise for ease of communication; and by accelerating performance with Microsoft Windows 64-bit support.”

The V5R16 release:

Optimizes Business Processes - V5R16 extends the coverage of the large portfolio of V5 process-centric applications. It delivers significant new PLM capabilities for all industries in the modeling, simulation and electrical domains. New Product Simulation Management capabilities in ENOVIA fully integrate product simulation with design and lifecycle management processes – improving productivity for all companies that perform and manage product simulations.

Empowers Value Chain Innovation- V5R16 delivers powerful new collaboration capabilities within ENOVIA V5 VPM Navigator and SMARTEAM TeamPDM, enabling extended networks of partners to work together in globally distributed 3D environments. Entire engineering packages can now be shared and managed bi-directionally while protecting intellectual property, enabling true concurrent engineering across the value chain.

Streamlines Engineering-to-Manufacturing Cycles - V5R16 delivers on Dassault Systèmes’ Product-Process-Resource model. Major new extensions in the ENOVIA Engineering and Manufacturing hubs enable companies to obtain unique competitive advantages from the CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA and SMARTEAM PLM applications. V5R16 improves the integration of engineering and manufacturing environments: engineering specifications captured within the 3D environment are automatically made available and accounted for during manufacturing process planning, thereby ensuring a lean process flow from design intent to production set-up.

Continuously Grows Intellectual Capital - V5R16 captures and re-uses business processes and intellectual property, both at the enterprise level with Enterprise Process Management, leveraging IBM Websphere technology, and at the Engineering or Manufacturing level, with the V5 Business Process Knowledge templates.

Maximizes Standard Adoption - V5R16 has been designed to deliver a comprehensive 64-bit PLM architecture, and continues to leverage the proven openness of the V5 platform by providing major XML enhancements through its combined 3DXML and web services strategy. Adoption of the V5 architecture continues to grow, with two new industry-leading CAA partners and 360 V5 applications already available. New integration of the 3D XML Player with Lotus Notes enhances collaboration and joint decision-making by sharing 3D product and business information.

“V5R16 is a key enabler of the processes we are deploying on the 787 program,” said Kevin Fowler, vice president, Systems Integration Processes & Tools 787 Program, The Boeing Company. “Most notable is the integration of Product Lifecycle Management using 3D-only design data across engineering definition, manufacturing and product support. This demonstrates the continuous innovation and breakthroughs we are realizing working with Dassault Systèmes on the 787 program.

”At Fissler, a developer of innovative cookware and kitchen accessories, Dr. Andreas Hillenmeier, Manager of Product Development, noted, “Our Intensa cooking systems are renowned worldwide. They are synonymous with quality and innovation. CATIA V5 and SMARTEAM have been instrumental in helping us constantly exceed our customers’ expectations. We are all excited about the potential for CATIA V5 and SMARTEAM to further improve our products and efficiency.”

“Helping customers increase their competitiveness is always foremost on our minds. Our ability to help our customers respond to their critical challenges in a changing and highly competitive environment is certainly strengthened with this release. Leveraging the support of IBM’s open and scalable PLM infrastructure, we can offer even more value to customers engaged in continuous innovation,” says Walter Donaldson, General Manager, Product Lifecycle management, IBM.

CATIA for collaborative product development - V5R16 accelerates collaborative product design with 64-bit support of the full CATIA portfolio on Microsoft Windows. It strengthens virtual product design and simulation by significantly improving the CATIA solutions in the simulation, electrical, shipbuilding, and modeling domains. It expands the usefulness of the open and extremely lightweight 3D XML format by embedding additional PLM product information, such as annotations and animations. The new release enables 3D-only paperless design-to-manufacturing, while VPM Navigator and TeamPDM streamline product development, by enabling teams to seamlessly manage advanced design process information from within a single engineering desktop.

ENOVIA for product data and lifecycle management and decision support - V5R16 supports AIX and Windows 64-bit across all ENOVIA DMU and VPM portfolios. It drives next-generation openness and infrastructure standardization via native Web Services connectivity, and deepens industry process coverage through new products for managing product simulation and electrical cable routing processes. V5R16 widens the scope of the Engineering and Manufacturing hubs’ cross-process coverage, thereby streamlining global product development collaboration. The release enriches industry-leading PLM change management and Enterprise Process Management tools for unprecedented business agility, and accelerates ENOVIA V5 deployments and user-productivity through improved navigation and reporting tools.

SMARTEAM for product lifecycle collaboration - V5R16 fosters powerful design continuity across the value chain by facilitating collaborative exchange around CATIA relational data.
It optimizes decision support by seamlessly integrating impact analysis and digital mock-up processes, and improves deployment of enterprise collaboration practices. V5R16 improves productivity through enhanced process automation and product knowledge reuse, and lowers the total cost of ownership through expanded enterprise interconnectivity and support for de facto industry standards.

DELMIA for digital development of factory and production processes - V5R16 supports Windows 64-bit across the entire DELMIA PLM portfolio. V5R16 enables users to access and manipulate very large datasets as they develop, plan and validate manufacturing processes. It delivers more power to capture and communicate knowledge efficiently, and helps the extended enterprise deploy V5’s unified solutions for engineering and manufacturing. ‘Best in Class’ manufacturing process planning, detailing, simulation and validation solutions for the machining and ergonomics domains are reinforced. The reach of 3DXML is extended to the manufacturing domain.

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