Collaboration between Industry, Government and the Academic World led by Aoyama Gakuin University to Realize “Cyber Concurrent Engineering”


Yokohama (Japan), November 5, 2001 -  DELMIA Corp., a Dassault Systemes company (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announced today that DELMIA /ENVISION® and DELMIA/QUEST® were selected to be core products for AML (Aoyama Media Laboratory) II “Cyber Concurrent Management Project”.  AML II is a special collaborative project, which is under the direction of Research Institute of Aoyama Gakuin University.  <br/>



Deploying the latest technologies and business practices within a new level of collaboration between industry, government and the academic world, AML II has begun to develop advanced business strategies along with the IT models to realize these strategies.  Through these new collaboration practices, AML II aims at bringing Japanese academic institutes and industries to new levels in our global market.  AML II project is well in progress with collaboration from various domestic and /overseas academic institutes, public institutes, and Japanese companies, including ISUZU Motors Limited.<br/>



While conventional collaboration projects between industry and academic world tend to focus on basic research, the ultimate goal of AML II project is “to establish comprehensive business models which integrate strategic and technical aspects of the industries”.  Using real cases with challenges companies face in the real world as a basis for its project, AML II established an integrated business model encompassing design, production planning, manufacturing and office systems.  These models are then simulated in the virtual world so that projects can be tested and validated in the early stage of the projects. Companies benefit by utilizing this simulated project results to shorten project cycle time, improve quality and reduce potentially costly problems in production startup.  Universities on the other hand, can develop more practical educational materials using real business cases, which in turn helps business.  DELMIA’s ENVISION and QUEST are used as core solutions to establish “digital manufacturing environment” for full scale concurrent engineering and management. <br/>



Kinya Tamaki, Professor at School of Business Administration, Aoyama Gakuin University, and AML II project leader said, “It is critically important to integrate strategic business models and various IT tools in business project research.  We chose DELMIA solution because of its flexible integration between the solutions, and the advanced engineering/training support from DELMIA Japan.  The first phase of a joint project with ISUZU has completed successfully, which gave us the confidence to further strengthen our collaboration with industry leaders.  We are sure that experiencing real business cases in the virtual environment will foster new type of business leaders who understand the business process and IT technologies.” <br/>




Takehito Nakagawa, Manager of Engineering Administration commented, “We worked together with AML II to validate ISUZU’s digital manufacturing project.  I was not really sure in the beginning if the students could submit the expected level of results using advanced simulation tools like DELMIA.  However, the quality of their validation report was more than what we expected.  We had considered DELMIA as tools used by experts only.  But this project has proven that we could expand DELMIA’s usage to wider range of users within ISUZU Group, which accelerate ISUZU’s digital manufacturing projects.”


Rob Barlow, President of DELMIA Japan, Ltd. commented, “DELMIA continues to enjoy a wide range of customers in many industry segments.  The automotive segment is one where DELMIA is especially strong, and DELMIA Solutions have provided significant benefits.  We are very pleased with the partnership that has been created between industry and the academic world with this AML II joint project. These partnerships really allow DELMIA as a technology provider to demonstrate state-of-art capability to solve today’s real world problems.    We are proud to be part of the project which fosters ‘real business leaders of 21st century’ capable to understand industry process and establish optimal business models with comprehensive IT knowledge.”

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