ENOVIA V5-6R2018

ENOVIA VPLMでは、複雑な製品に拡張性のある、バーチャル・プロダクト・ライフサイクル・マネジメントを提供し、企業がより革新的な製品をより迅速に市場に投入するのを可能にします。

CAA - C++ API Documentation Generator (CDG)
CAA - C++ API Documentation Generator provides tools to automatically generate the C++ reference documentation of CAA based applications.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CAA - C++ API Documentation Generator provides a single command that can be integrated to the release process driven by CAA - Teamwork Release Manager product for generating the C++ API reference documentation. The result is a set of HTML files directly integrated in the V5 project development tree and composed of the framework list, interfaces and classes list leading to the documentation page.

Product Highlights

  • A single tool to automate the C++ reference documentation generation for both CATIA and ENOVIA
  • Windows 2000 support
  • Windows XP support for build time
  • Product being part of C++ Extended Development Configuration (CDC) from V5R10
  • Ability to document MACRO usage
  • Copyright information provided as a variable
  • Alphabetical order sort used by default to build generated documentation index. Before this release, the sort was made against class/method execution order in the code
  • Support methods signature without explicit parameter definition
  • Only parameters that have been explicitly define in the source will be documented
  • Capability to document destructors (versus constructor)

Product Key Customer Benefits

A single tool to automate the C++ documentation generation for both CATIA and ENOVIA:
Developers and IT people are provided with an easy to use method and rapid process to integrate in the release cycle of the application development. The complete reference documentation is generated automatically in a highly structured WEB html format. Method objectives, return code and much more can then be documented at in the coding phase of the development project. Thus increasing drastically the documentation quality and cutting time for generating the whole documentation.
This product is supported on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and UNIX operating system.