Virtual Equipment Yard for Event

Create visual assets to promote your products at events

Trade shows can provide brands with valuable visibility and a great opportunity to showcase their products and technologies. Yet without compelling visual assets, industrial equipment companies will have difficulty attracting people to their stand. They need to captivate their audiences by transforming engineering data into stunning visual experiences.

Showcasing at Events is dedicated to the needs of events managers who need to transform an empty stage into a living, moving product. They can manipulate the virtual equipment, take it apart to show the details, simulate a machine or piece of equipment in action, all in a realistic, lifelike environment. Visual experiences are built from existing 3D product geometry, which helps accelerate event concept creation.

Showcasing at Events features a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that include 2D and 3D projection mapping, augmented reality, head-mounted display technologies, gamification and interactive concepts, displays gesture interfaces, and motion control. 

Key capabilities and benefits:


  • High-impact experiences help get immediate emotional  buy-in at trade shows
  • Unlimited creative freedom thanks to cutting-edge technologies
  • Lower costs at trade events by replacing physical equipment with their digital twins