High-tech enhances our modern and connected lives with always-on experiences.

As capabilities and opportunities rise exponentially, high-tech companies must become ever more responsive to re-invent and sustain their leading edge while mastering complexity, quality and margin pressures. 

Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers high-tech innovators to innovate faster, yet more sustainably.

Serving the needs of all stakeholders across the High-Tech value chain

Consumer Electronics
Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences
Computing, Software & Communications
Capitalizing on the digital transformation
Technology Suppliers
Meeting the "Smaller, Better, Faster" challenge
Contract Manufacturing Services
Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences
Security, Control & Instrumentation
Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences
Riding the IoT-wave bringing new opportunities through new markets, customers and applications
Telecom & Media Operators
Driving the digital transformation agenda through virtual twin experiences

Addressing the business challenges of the High-Tech industry

High-Tech innovation is fast paced, competitive and complex. Learn about new ways to rethink traditional business processes and embrace new methods for innovating and operating in order to stay competitive and relevant.

Adaptive Reconfigurable Value Network
How to create a reconfigurable production and value network resilient to dynamic change.
Everything Always Connected
How to create smart, intelligent systems that deliver perfect customer experiences at all times.
High-Tech Pervasiveness & Diversity
How to evolve and orchestrate a value chain developing smart, connected, secure electronics systems.
Intelligent, Secure, Integrated Systems
How to build and leverage the "brains and neuronal network" of high-tech systems innovation.
How to increase the sustainability of high-tech products encompassing design, production and use.
Circularity in Action
It’s time for concerted action.  Here’s how to make the circular economy achievable,  scalable and profitable.
Unleashing Semiconductor Innovation Through IP Management
Maximize the efficiency and resilience of your semiconductor innovation chain through platform-based IP management.
How to Accelerate Next Gen Data Center Innovation
Shorten the stand-up time of configurable, sustainable data centers through virtual twin experiences.
The Model-Based Approach for Battery Innovation and Manufacturing
Secure an advantage to deliver best-in-class batteries with the power of virtual twins.
15 Manufacturing Industrial Trends Shaping the Planet’s 2030 Game Plan
Uncover the latest Manufacturing Industries Trends Guide and discover the right solutions to shape your business strategy for the future

Trends in the High-Tech Industry