Hanen Bdioui is a Mechatronics Engineer, but she's much more than that. Hanen is the first Edu Champion in Tunisia and a SOLIDWORKS Champion, continually impressing with her dedication and innovative spirit. Holding numerous awards in student competitions, including first place in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Challenge Model Mania in 2023, Hanen is a true advocate for 3DEXPERIENCE Edu. In addition to her engineering job, Hanen never stops innovating, sharing her projects, and helping her peers through the Edu Champion mentorship program.

Because it's important for STEM to attract new talents, especially female talents, 3DEXPERIENCE Edu highlights the solid maker, Hanen, who skillfully manages multiple battles at once, balancing her roles as a student, entrepreneur, and champion. Sky is the limit, isn't it?


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Discover Hanen’s project: City & Caravan

Collaboration lies at the core of Hanen's projects, and the 2024 Champions' Project is no exception. Involving 100 individuals from 22 countries, the City & Caravan initiative showcased at the 3DEXPERIENCE World in Dallas is the culmination of ambitious minds united by SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. In addition to boosting their technical skills in VR and 3D design, this project brought together the ideas of innovators from around the world to bring this project to life.

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Hanen, from an ambitious mind to an Edu Champion

When some find it challenging to balance sports and studies, Hanen is studying, building her own networks, becoming a champion, and helping others find their path. Guided by a pursuit of excellence and a desire to assist others where she once struggled, Hanen, the Edu champion, shows us that it's possible.


By spending hours training on SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Hanen has acquired strong skills in modeling and design, certifications, and most importantly, relationships. Hanen now highlights this energy and these benefits as a 3DEXPERIENCE Edu and a SOLIDWORKS Champion.


For her, Dassault Systèmes solutions for students are not just software but a gateway to turning ideas into reality and continually developing skills and passion. In the same spirit as 3DEXPERIENCE Edu, Hanen strives to bridge the gap between industry and academia and to reveal the talent of both students and professors through the use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


In her student life and through peer testimonies, Hanen is inspired to advise, train, and share value. With her vision, she fosters dynamic group via ChampionXperience, offering mentorship and connecting students with industry pros. Guiding students towards ambitious projects, collaboration is central to Hanen's initiatives, like the 2024 Champions' Project 'City & Caravan', showcasing innovative VR technology of SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The main goal that guides me in my multiple commitments is the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. I strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, both in terms of technical proficiency with these software tools and in the application of engineering principles to real-world challenges.


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Hanen Bdioui
Founder of ChampionXperience

The Solid Maker: Pioneer in STEM Jobs

This experience reaffirmed my belief in the power of female leadership and the significance of women's contributions to innovation and development. It also reinforced my commitment to mentorship and advocacy for gender diversity in STEM, both within my community and on a global scale.

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Hanen Bdioui
Founder of ChampionXperience



LinkedIn data show a notable gender gap in STEM jobs, with women representing only 29,2% of the workforce, compared to 49,3% in non-STEM fields. This disparity extends from education to career, emphasizing the need for diverse role models. For example, only 28.1% of university science students are enrolled in engineering programs.


Hanen strives to combat these statistics through her impactful work. She acknowledges her role as an inspiration for women in STEM, sharing valuable advice and insights through social media to empower aspiring female engineers. With a strong focus on mentorship, Hanen advocates for inclusivity in fields lacking female representation. Through her various social media platforms, she not only imparts invaluable advice to aspiring female engineers but also shares her forward-looking perspective on future professions and provides technical insights to equip them for success.

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