Demonstrate and prove both your creativity and engineering skills!

Formula Student is one of the world's biggest academic competitions. Every year, more than 600 student teams from universities all over the world competing with their self-constructed race cars.

Entrants will compete to design, build and race a formula style single seater electric racing car – providing students with invaluable real-world project experience as they begin their engineering career. The winner is not necessarily the team with the fastest car, but the one with the best package regarding construction, performance, financial planning, sales arguments and sustainability.

The Road to Formula Student: EPFL Racing Team

Duration 19 minutes 56

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Challenge rules

Formula Student challenges are usually judged across 8 categories divided into a series of 3 static and 5 dynamic events, for a total of 1000 points. A world ranking list is available here:

Static Events: Presentation, strategy, organization, methodology, innovation and research merge together for one goal: testing the teams out off the track. 3 criterias: Business Plan Presentation, Cost and Manufacturing, Engineering Design for a total of 325 points.

Dynamic Events: Accuracy, speed, driving skills, synchronization and determination join together to go beyond the limits of the team and the prototype. 5 criterias: Skid Pad, Autocross, Endurance, Efficiency and Acceleration for a total of 675 points.

Challenge locations overview

Formula SAE/Formula Student network has set different locations for student teams to compete.
All the following Formula Student competitions include Electric format, teams can compete in several events, websites are listed below:

Discover Formula Student through the eyes of 2 sponsored teams: Formula Student Team Delft & EPFL Racing Team