A Scalable Simulation Portfolio for Structural Designers

Use simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve and validate your designs

Accelerating simulation-driven design with cloud-based simulation

Use the scalable portfolio of designer simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve and validate your designs. Fully embedded in the design environment using the design geometry directly, cloud-based simulation on the platform is an efficient and powerful part of your everyday design best-practice.

  • Buy only what you need: Linear and nonlinear statics and dynamics of parts, assemblies, and structures is provided within a scalable portfolio
  • Guided simulation workflows make simulation easy to access within the design environment
  • Re-run simulation immediately following updates to the design geometry

Assess linear & nonlinear response with Structural Performance Engineer

Assess the structural performance of products in linear and nonlinear static and dynamic environments to make informed engineering decisions.

The Structural Performance Engineer role allows you to:

  • Perform sophisticated structural simulations during the design process
  • Evaluate "what if" scenarios through realistic simulation based directly on the design geometry
  • Accelerate structural simulation with unique automated model creation for large assemblies
  • Enable high performance results visualization, particularly for very large models

Assess linear static and dynamic response with Structural Engineer

Provides design engineers powerful tools to perform linear static and dynamics simulations of structures during the design process.

The Structural Engineer role allows you to:

  • Test product performance using linear static, frequency, buckling, steady state thermal and modal dynamic analysis types
  • Easily simulate large assemblies with intuitive contact definition and detection capabilities
  • Generate high quality meshes automatically including solid, shell and beam elements
  • Includes high performance results visualization, particularly for very large models

Assess linear static response with Structural Designer

Accelerate product design with efficient evaluation of stress, strain, natural frequency and thermal effects in a guided environment.

The Structural Designer role allows you to:

  • Intuitively assess the perofrmance of products under linear static conditions and guide the overall design process
  • Quickly evaluate the strength and stiffness of components for informed what-if design scenarios
  • Easily and efficiently test product designs with automated modeling with the ability to control accuracy vs. compute time

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I wanted to leverage the cloud, but I also needed some access to some legacy Abaqus capabilities, such as fracture mechanics, advanced material models. Engaging online really allowed me to come up with a solution that met both those needs: I can run a medium size model locally with licenses or I can use tokens and increase the number of calls or if I have really large jobs.

Gregogry Brown
Gregory Brown
Principal, Blue Ring Engineering LLC

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Accelerate simulation-driven design with cloud-based simulation