Designing Impactful Innovation podcast - episode 9

In this episode, Stéphane Declée, CEO of ENOVIA, and Arvind Krishnan, Industry analyst at Lifecycle Insights, discuss the trends and challenges of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions today. 

What are manufacturers’ expectations of PLM solutions? What is an innovation platform and how can it help manufacturers optimize their product development? Tune in to find out.


What's next in PLM? - Part 1

Meet our speakers

Arvind Krishnan
Arvind Krishnan
Industry Analyst, Lifecycle Insights
Stephane Declee
Stéphane Declée

We also see that there is a need to really connect the dots across organizations. For a long time, PLM was the tool for engineering…eventually extending a little bit to manufacturing. But we see now more organizations, even strategy, finance, marketing, procurement which also need to be connected not only to consume data, but also to bring back their own perspective and concern requirements to make sure that they are taken into account upfront in the process.

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Clara: Hello and welcome to the Designing Impactful Innovation podcast. I’m Clara, your host. Today, Arvind Krishnan of Lifecycle Insights will be talking about the trends and challenges of product lifecycle management, or PLM, with Stéphane Declée, CEO of ENOVIA. Handing the mic over to you Arvind!

Arvind: Good day, everybody, and welcome to this podcast. Stéphane, I know you're a very busy person, I appreciate you taking the time for our chat today and thank you very much for your time.

Stéphane: Thank you Arvind, it’s really a pleasure. Actually, obviously I love this topic, so it's a pleasure to be with you and all the people listening to us. Of course.


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