Designing Impactful Innovation podcast - episode 16

Discover how drones and eVTOLs are changing the game across industries with Cristina Ramos, responsible for the Drones Community of the Digital Catalonia Alliance. Learn all about the trends and challenges of drone and eVTOL development, how they can be optimized, and what drone manufacturers and operators need to think about in terms of safety and regulations in order to obtain certification.

Cristina Ramos

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Cristina Ramos
Cristina Ramos
Responsible for the Drones Community, Digital Catalonia Alliance

Both safety and security are a must have in this industry, and these are the highest priority for all the stakeholders in this business.

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Clara: Hello and welcome to Designing Impactful Innovation. I'm your host, Clara, and today we're talking about drone and eVTOL development with Cristina Ramos, who is responsible for the drones community at the Digital Catalonia Alliance.

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