What if you could market your robot without even making a first prototype? With 3DEXPERIENCE, you can! Create innovative and interactive marketing assets to create convincing product showcases for your robots. Keep reading to find out how you can get to market faster than ever.

When launching a new product, the typical process starts with hiring a photographer or an agency. You create ads, social media posts, and e-commerce listings with the final images. Whenever you put out a new model or colorway, there are reshoots and further agency fees. At the end of it all, you might have pretty images but they would have cost you a hefty sum and there’s no guarantee that they’ll stand out online. 

What if you could skip all that and do things differently? 

Be the first: showcase your robot using only CAD data

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud is built to connect CAD data with all the tools you need to manage projects, run simulations and create amazing product images from anywhere. 


Create photorealistic assets working from any browser, without a single photoshoot or agency fee. Display any model, colorway, even limited editions you haven’t yet manufactured so that customers and investors can get excited about your products before they launch. And do this all with just the design data sitting in 3DEXPERIENCE, so you’re consistently rendering the most accurate product details. 


When it comes to robots, everyone is trying to be the first and the best to create something that hasn’t been created before. Be the first to showcase your robot and its capabilities using only the design data. This allows you to not only save time and reduce costs, it also avoids rework in case of mistakes. Any error or adjustments can be made digitally without incurring extra costs.

Get to market faster

Reduce cost of asset creation

Fix mistakes and avoid rework

Customer Story : Kevin

Creating 3D models and interactive assets for all marketing needs

Meet KEVIN®, a mobile lab robot designed to automate repetitive, manual laboratory work and assist humans with work that must be done overnight or on weekends. KEVIN® is a helpful, autonomous addition to any lab environment. Its features and functionalities include the ability to work safely alongside humans.


Creating digital marketing assets from design data allowed Tobias Brode, Head of Business Unit Medical Engineering and Biotechnology at Fraunhofer IPA, to expedite KEVIN®’s development and garner interest from the market – before the design prototype robot was ever built. 


With the help of 3DEXCITE they were able to create the following: 

  • Website collateral: still images, animations and high quality renderings 
  • LinkedIn campaign assets: creative concept (copy, images, high quality renderings)
  • 2D collateral: rendering for articles (Fraunhofer Magazine, Hanover Messe), trade shows
  • 3D collateral: gITF used in articles and website

Get your robots ready for market faster with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud



It is every startup's goal to accelerate time to market as much as they can. The crucial part about new product innovation is showcasing a fully functional product with just a concept. Marketing teams today are faced with shrinking budgets, expanding channels and reduced timelines.

What if the solution to all those challenges was to make things more simple? And what if your greatest marketing asset was already in-house and all you need is the power to unleash it? We’re talking about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud. And your greatest asset? It’s your 3D CAD data, the data your designers and engineers work so hard to perfect, to ready your product for market. 

Repurpose this data and give it second life on the platform, saving you time and resources, while creating stunning marketing campaigns like never before.

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