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Take DfMA methods with you

Designers, Makers and Builders can leverage the power of collaboration to better manage their business through ideas, online computing, and the DfMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) processes with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud.


Human + Computing + Process

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methods on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform let you test ideas and real-life scenarios before you build, with the power of virtual worlds on the cloud. Driven by the Virtual Twin Experience (VTE), the DfMA approach extends your capabilities so you can achieve greater scope and quality for all your manufacturing and assembly projects.

Our online virtual worlds empower you to improve component designs, make them cheaper and easier to assemble, or see how designs would interact with real-world elements. You can achieve significant performance gains for everyone involved in the delivery of the built environment, with a superior process and a modest investment in computing resources.



Connect, capture, and reuse design intelligence with material and assembly intelligence.



Design for Manufacturing lets you design components for ease of manufacture.



Design for Assembly lets you reduce your product assembly cost and minimize the number of assembly operations.

The DfMA approach

The DfMA methodology is about taking a holistic view of a building to determine the best way of making it. The goal: efficient production of a high-quality, cost-effective facility that includes mass production for some processes while still providing the variety your clients are looking for.

More predictable installation

A DfMA approach seeks to eliminate components wherever you can, because working with fewer parts could mean fewer assembly problems.

It also requires tolerances among various trades to be agreed on in the early design stage, so that when components arrive at the job site, they all interface correctly.

Higher quality components

Much of the project assembly is done in a clean factory environment. This means you can deliver end products with a higher quality than what you could produce onsite.

There’s also an opportunity for better quality materials. This can make parts more expensive, but save costs overall by reducing construction time and lifetime maintenance.

Improved worksite safety

The focus on prefabrication means fewer trades are required onsite, the site aspects are better illustrated and the workspace is more predictable, which leads to improvements in both safety and logistics.

Building with our customers, hear it from them

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud gives unprecedented access to powerful 3D tools that aren’t just able to provide an image but provide real information so that you can change the geometry actively on a tablet or any device.

James Kotronis
Co-Founder and CEO, BOXXCRAFT


BOXXCRAFT uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, including xGenerative Design, xDesign, xShape and 3D Markup, to create 3D virtual models from the knowledge and know-how of craftspeople with anytime, anywhere access.

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