Isight & the SIMULIA Execution Engine

Process automation and design exploration.

What’s New in Isight 2016

Naming convention and Release cycle synchronization
All versions of Portfolio Products will now follow the year-based naming convention to be consistent with each other and consistent with the other SIMULIA product releases that will be occurring at that time.

  • Abaqus 6.14 -> Abaqus 2016
  • Isight 5.9 -> Isight 2016
  • fe-safe 6.5 -> fe-safe 2016
  • Tosca Structure 8.1 -> Tosca Structure 2016


Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)

  • Apache TomEE – Oracle middleware combination is now supported.


Component Enhancements

  • Abaqus component upgrade
    • Supports Abaqus version 6.12 through 2016 including maintenance releases
    • Supports SolidWorks associative interface
  • ANSYS Workbench component upgrade
    • Supports ANSYS Workbench versions 14.0, 14.5, 15.0 and, 16.0
    • Supports reuse of ANSYS Workbench processes
  • Other component upgrades to support newer releases of software
    • Adams/Car component upgrade
    • CATIA V5 component upgrade
    • Dymola component upgrade
    • GT-POWER component upgrade
    • SolidWorks component upgrade


Installation Enhancements

  • Support TUI and silent modes of installation for Isight standalone
  • Change in documentation installation process
    • Isight/SEE 5.9 included all documentation with the installation
    • Starting in Isight/SEE 2016, the documentation is provided with a separate installer and bundled with other SIMULIA traditional products


Other Enhancements

  • Excel and Word environment settings documentation