Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models.

What’s new in fe-safe 2017

Enhancement Summary

  • Weld Fatigue Enhancements
  • PSD Improvements
  • Enhancements for Abaqus Users
  • ANSYS Workbench Component
  • Enhanced NASTRAN Interface
  • Vibration Fatigue Enhancements
  • Improved Batch/Macro Usability
  • fe-safe 2017 General Enhancements

Weld Fatigue Enhancements

  • Verity Enhancement – Weld info detection for shell models
    • Top/bottom meshing convention made consistent with solids

PSD Improvements

  • New PSD Tovo-Benasciutti algorithm and use of residual stress in PSD analysis
    • Supports mean stress effects due to residual stresses and also random variation in cycle mean

Enhancements for Abaqus Users

  • Abaqus 2017 ODBs are now supported
  • When opening Abaqus ODB files of PSD analysis, fe-safe now expects to find the modal participation factor (MPF) data in the same file. It is possible to load MPF data from a separate ODB file.

ANSYS Workbench Component

  • The fe-safe/ANSYS Workbench extension is now supported v15.0, v16.0, v16.1, v16.2, v17.0 and v17.1
  • For ANSYS workflows fe-safe 2017 will read a MCF file as a signals file. The user must then combine the mode’s generalized displacement signal with its stress dataset
  • Full support for ANSYS RST files up to ANSYS version 17.1
    • Plugins can request nonstandard variables in ANSYS RST

Enhanced NASTRAN Interface

  • MSC NASTRAN users can now run a PSD analysis in fe-safe
  • MSC and NX NASTRAN users can now load CWELD element data into force datasets for use in spot weld analysis
    • fe-safe 2017 supports all point-to-point and point-to-patch Nastran CWELD fastener elements used for modeling spot welds
  • Geometry data in double-precision can now be read from OP2 files

Vibration Fatigue Enhancements

  • Auto-generation of PSD loading definition
  • ODB workflow: Modes and GU on same file
  • Nastran: Read generalized displacements (per modes as function of frequency) from .pch files

Improved Batch/Macro Usability

  • Macro syntax can now be checked before running an analysis
    • Avoid failure of long-running analyses due to malformed macros
  • Parsing of settings values from macros is now case-insenstive
  • GUI auto-timeout after 60 minutes
    • Valuable for users sharing extended packaging license pools
  • Automatic looping of license checker
    • Valuable for batch processes that might need to wait for a license to become available
  • Precheck for macro analyses:
    • Tools à Check Macro Syntax
  • Read DSLS config file to control licensing location

fe-safe 2017 General Enhancements

  • Added support for the flexible body input (FBI) file format for Simpack
  • Read ASAM MD4 binary file as signal data file
  • Support for non-integer repeats in loading definition (from 1.0 to 1e9)
  • Read NASTRAN OP2 with nodal coordinates in double precision
  • More consistent coverage of both pre- and post-Neuber corrected stress, adding:
    • Pre-Neuber corrected stress and amplitude contour field for worst cycle
    • Post-Neuber stress history on critical plane for start and end points of cycles