V6R2012x Modernized User Interface for Collaborative Business Processes

Continued advancement of user interface improvements for  ENOVIA’s collaborative business process products resulting in a more intuitive and visual user experience while still requiring only a simple Web browser to deploy to thousands of users
  • Expand All single click
    • Support for Expand on click (current behavior)
    • Support Expand All (single click)
  • Column Header Wrapping
    • Support allowing Column Header to wrap so the header row can be more than 1 line high
    • Support allowing hard carriage returns
  • Structure Browser RMB Menu:
    • Ability to click anywhere in a row in the Details view to get a RMB menu.
    • Click area includes anywhere on a thumbnail
  • Highlight Filtered Columns
    • Automatically add a Filter icon to the top of each column header that has a Page filter applied.
  • Open/Close Folder Navigator
  • Add Groups to Member List
    • Prior releases only supported adding people to a Member List
  • Expand Scope of Delegations
    • In prior releases, an assignee could delegate an item, but only to another person. This adds the ability to re-delegate it to a group.
    • This also adds the ability in TEA to delegate outside of the Workspace. This will be controlled via a configuration setting
  • Search Pagination Configuration
    • This feature provides the ability to suppress the display of blank pages and improve the product performance for search when access control prevents the display of numerous records in the result set

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