V6R2012x Synchonicity DesignSync Central Diff/Merge GUI

ENOVIA Synchonicity DesignSync Central  provides capability to efficiently find files in a workspace and invoke a graphical diff /merge tool to compare with other versions or resolve merge conflicts greatly improving the productivity of the designer
  • Graphically locate files in a workspace which are locally modified,  need update, need merge, or contain unresolved merge conflicts
  • Graphically diff two file versions.
  • Graphically resolve merge conflicts
  •  Highlight file/member-level merge issues in hierarchy view
    • Conflicts, objects needing merge, etc
    • Module and file-based use models
  • Highlight current changes within individual files using standard markup paradigm
    • Underline additions, strike-out deletions, etc
  • Diff highlight view
    • Supports 2-way and 3-way diffs
    • Highlighted side-by-side comparisons shows additions/removals/modifications
  • Merge conflict resolution editor

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