V6R2012x Engineering Central UI Improvements and Simplification

ENOVIA Engineering Central improves user efficiency by providing an Engineering power view and context sensitive Right Mouse Button menus
  • My Engineering View (Power View)
    • User Power View provides consolidated view of Engineering Items like Parts, Specifications, Changes, Tasks, Signatures etc. that are most frequently accessed
    • User will be able to filter the list based on recently modified and owned etc.
  • Enable Context specific RMB Menus
    • Extend the RMB menu capability on Parts to be more context specific
    • Search results, EBOM view mode and My Engineering view will have regular existing action commands like View, Edit Properties, Add to Collections + the new commands like delete, promote and demote
    • EBOM in edit mode will have the RMB commands that are edit specific actions like “Add existing”, “Insert New”, “Replace” etc.
*Applicable to:
  • ENOVIA Engineering Configuration Central
  • ENOVIA CPG Accelerator for Integrated Product Management
  • ENOVIA High-Tech Accelerator for New Part Request and Development
  • ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design
  • ENOVIA Semiconductor Accelerator for Design to Manufacture.

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