ENOVIA VPM Central Supports the "TEAM" Approach

In the previous releases, when deploying ENOVIA VPM Central, the customer needed to implement its own data model configuration and security before starting to use the product. With this new release, customers can now avoid administrative setup with ENOVIA VPM Central, and use the default "TEAM" set-up from ENOVIA VPM Team Central. In this release, the "TEAM" environment cannot be changed with additional customizations. This limitation will be removed in future releases. Nevertheless, some areas can be tailored without needing IT skills. The ENOVIA "TEAM" set-up supports parameterization techniques which can apply to a large variety of customer needs.
  • Easy to administrate:
    • Five default roles which correspond to typical users responsibilities in the company
    • Two project families with predefined rules for Design data or Standard entities management
    • Three possible design project security access (Private/Protected/Public)
  • Unified behaviors for PLM operations:
    • Policies guaranty consistent behaviors throughout PLM applications
    • Security based on Project, Role, Maturity
    • Predefined Business Rules (New, Instantiate, etc)
  • Ready to use with V6 applications:
    • Data model fully defined (Types / Attributes) for main V6 modelers
    • Predefined features (shading in PLM Compass, Predefined queries, Masks, …)
    • Team setup cannot be modified using ENOVIA Studio Modeling Platform (DTE), but changes can be made with the "TEAM Administration Console"
    • Enable/disable additional checks before promote in lifecycle graph
    • Version naming
    • Add new attributes
    • Strict locking, ownership
  • ENOVIA Team BOM Editor is compatible for BOM synchronization

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